Papuan Woman Becomes Head of Antara Papua News Agency

Positions do not recognize gender nor do they recognize age, if they are declared capable and have qualified qualities, they become a separate consideration for someone to become a leader. Including leading people older than him in the age category.

Like Hendrian Dian Kandipi, the first Papuan woman to serve as Head of the Antara Papua Bureau. At only 35 years old, this mother of two was entrusted to be the Head of the Antara Papua Bureau to replace the previous official, Muhsidin.

Dressed in a white shirt that reads Anatara, Dian, as she is familiarly called, looks beautiful in a virtual certificate held at the Medical Center Hall of the Papua Province Communications and Information Office, quoted on (1/2/2022).

In accordance with the instructions of the President Director of Perum LKBN Antara which took effect on February 1, the woman born in Salatiga in 1987 did not expect her to be appointed as Head of Bureau at her age, which is still young among other Heads of Bureau in Indonesia.

“This is a test for me,” said the woman with two children when she was met by Cenderawasih Pos at a coffee shop in Jayapura City.

Noted for the ranks of Antara in Bureaus throughout Indonesia, Dian is counted as the youngest Head of Bureau and the first Papuan woman. Until she was nicknamed the heroine of the east.

The appointment of Dian as Head of Antara is inseparable from the BUMN program that encourages women to advance and develop.

Among them, 3 women are at the helm, one of them is Hendrian Dian Kandipi. They have proven that women can too, including Papuan women. “If the language is from Jakarta, I am one of the heroes from eastern Indonesia,” said Dian.

With her inauguration as Head of Bureau, Dian wants to show that Papuan children, especially women, can also occupy the top leadership positions.

So far, said Dian, there are some people who think that women have not been able to become leaders. “With this opportunity, I show that Papuan children can and are capable. The proof is that at my young age, I can already achieve my achievements as a leader,” said the woman who has been abroad several times.

Before being appointed as Head of Bureau, Dian started her journalistic career in 2007. For 2 weeks in local media, Dian switched to daily newspaper until 2014, joining Antara as a contributor.

Since 2014, this woman who completed her studies at Cenderawasih University (Uncen) Jayapura started her career at Antara and was posted in several places.

She used to post at the Jayapura Mayor’s office during the leadership of Mayor M.R Kambu. Then the post in Jayapura Regency, during the leadership of the late Abel Melkias Suwae and currently the post in the Papua Provincial Government.

“With my work experience as a journalist for 15 years, it can help me carry out the duties of the bureau chief in the future. Moreover, Papua is currently a hot issue internationally. There needs to be a control method so that news coverage in Papua can be well known. It’s not only bad, but we have to show the good side to the public,” said the son of a member of the TNI.

With her inauguration as a leader, Dian hopes that many other Papuan children will have the courage and be able to motivate themselves to increase their capacity to achieve their dreams.

Dian’s inauguration as Head of Bureau shows that women are not merely objects. Women can also be like men, in the sense that they can become leaders.

Becoming a leader does not necessarily make this woman who had studied at SMAN 1 Cianjur, West Java forget her obligations as a mother of two children and a wife.

“Work and family must be in harmony. I have a principle, I go out of the house to work, then my children have finished eating and bathing. Finish all the work outside, when you get home. I position myself as a mother and wife. Evenings and weekends are family time,” said Dian.

Before being appointed as Head of Bureau, Dian served as Secretary of the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) of Jayapura City. He has also attended journalistic training at Perfecture Akita, Japan. Then he was in charge of covering the Pacific Exposition activities in Auckland, New Zealand at the invitation of Ambassador Tantowi Yahya, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Communication and Information.

Dian also serves as Secretary of the Papua Province Indonesian Women Journalists Forum (FJPI), and serves as Chair of the Papua and West Papua Province OJK Journalists Forum.


Source: Ceposonline

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