Firm on the Faith that Moves Solidarity

The Catholic Church of Saint Joseph Dekai-Yahukimo held a thanksgiving service for his 15th birthday, quoted on (1/2/2022).

The thanksgiving service was attended by the Regent of Yahukimo, Didimus Yahuli and the Deputy Regent of Esau Miran, Dandim 1715, the Head of the Yahukimo Police and OPD leaders within the Yahukimo Regency Government.

The thanksgiving Mass for the 15th Anniversary of the Catholic Church of St. Joseph Dekai was led by Father Karolus who is also the Chair of the Parish Korwil from Megapura Wamena to Dekai-Yahukimo. In his sermon, Pastor Karolus emphasized that in the midst of the current world situation, there are divisions between people so that it is necessary to be firm on faith so that brotherhood between people remains strong and maintained.

After the mass, the group continued with art performances and vocal praise of the group in the Parish Hall of Santo Yosep Dekai and cutting the cone cake.

On that occasion, Father Karolus emphasized that God is a common property, not a particular religion or organization.

The priest was very impressed with the history of building the Catholic Church in Dekai Yahukimo. “Indeed the Catholic Church has existed since 1994, but the Catholic Church was only able to be permanently established in 2007 in Dekai because of the hard work of the pioneers in this area to celebrate the 15th anniversary,” he said. .

He added that the Catholic Church is here to help local people and the government.

He even plans to build a dormitory to accommodate children from any ethnic group to study here. “The government has donated land and we use this to build better Yahukimo human resources,” he said.

Pastor also expressed his gratitude to all those who have helped so that this thanksgiving event can run well. “Thank you, Mr. Regent Yahukimo, for helping one ton of rice and Mr. Deputy Regent for helping with money so that today’s event can run well,” he said.

On the same occasion, the Regent of Yahukimo Gidimus Yahuli also expressed his gratitude for the celebration of the anniversary of the Catholic Church of St. Joseph Dekai, where all people can come to glorify God. “I’m also educated in Catholicism, I’m not new to following the Catholic Mass service, it’s normal, there are many meanings that we got earlier,” he said.

Didimus also emphasized the importance of education in this area, therefore, his party opened up space for the Catholic church to develop education in this area.


Source: Ceposonline

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