Papuan NCO Members Are Indonesian Police

The West Papuan People’s Assembly (MRPB) held a face-to-face meeting with the National Police Officers for the Year 2021 from Maybrat district, especially the Aitinyo district at the village office of Tehak Kecil, Aitinyo District, quoted on (31/1/2022).

A member of the MRPB envoy from the Maybrat district, Semuel Kambuaya S Sos, said that his party together with 9 members of the NCO from the Maybrat district held face-to-face meetings with parents and community leaders in the Aitinyo area.

“The time given by the leadership to the new National Police Officers to return to their respective regions is only two weeks,” said Semuel Kambuaya.

The face-to-face event with parents and community leaders is the aspiration of the MRPB to the West Papua Police Chief.

There are several things that have been requested by the MRPB, including the requirement that the national level graduation rate limit of 60 and above is declared a national pass and it is asked to be lowered.

“We, the MRP, asked for the graduation standard for Papuan natives with a score of 40-60 who had just graduated. In addition, those who are declared to have passed their education to completion and return before carrying out must be given two weeks to the NCO to be able to meet face-to-face with parents and community leaders in their respective regions, after which they return to carrying out their duties as state servants. “explained Samuel.

In addition, a thanksgiving event will also be held by the community of 17 villages in the Aitinyo district with 9 National Police officers who have just finished their education.

Semuel emphasized that the member of the NCO who had just completed his education was the Indonesian National Police, not the Papuan Special Autonomy Police.

He hopes that members of the National Police who have just completed their education will produce quality human resources who also have good integrity, so that they become truly professional members of the National Police, who are trusted by the community and have high integrity, and are diligent in carrying out their duties. duty as a civil servant.

Meanwhile, Rafles kombo Yewen SH, a member of the MRPB Pokja Adat envoy from the Tambrauw district in his remarks said that the National Police officers who were present today were the pride of the nation and state as well as pride for the family and society.

He hoped the new members of the National Police to continue to carry out their duties well, not to be negligent in carrying out their duties.

“The results of your work can be measured when you are entrusted as a police chief, a police chief and a regional police chief as well as a strategic position in the police,” he said.


Source: Teropongnews

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