Papuan Mamas Are Enthusiastic to Participate in the Reading and Writing Program

Mothers in Garuda Village, Unurumguay District, Jayapura Regency, Papua, seem enthusiastic about learning to read, quoted on (31/1/2022).

Age does not prevent them from learning. Indiscriminately, in the program for reading and writing (Gabus), Bhabinkamtibmas Polsek Unurumguay Bripka M Diaz with Bripka Zakarias Kanal and Bripka Syamsul Bahri taught the letters of the alphabet and wrote to mothers who were known to have dropped out of school.

Mama Lenora Vuakan, Magdalena Guakan and Yosefina Sobor were very enthusiastic about recognizing and learning to read and write using the blackboard and markers.

In turn, these mothers were taught how to write properly and correctly. Unurumguay Police Chief Ipda Usman Talib said the reading and writing movement carried out by his Bhabinkamtibmas was to introduce the letters of the alphabet according to the direction of the Jayapura Police Chief AKBP Fredrickus W.A Maclarimboen.

“In accordance with the direction of the Jayapura Police Chief, through the Gabus program (literacy movement) we move in villages to visit and teach residents to know how to read and write, this program is an effort to eradicate illiteracy in Jayapura Regency,” he said.

They do not know how to read and write because they have dropped out of school first. This program was well received by the community, as evidenced by the teaching process, the community advised Bhabinkamtibmas to continue learning.


Source: iNews

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