Less Than A Year, Piter-Wahfir’s Work Has Real Results For The People

Another extraordinary breakthrough was made by Keerom Regent Piter Gusbager, S.Hut., MUP., and Keerom Deputy Regent Wahfir Kosasih.

Recently, Regent Gusbager handed over 173 cows to farmer groups. This time, the regent, who has not been in office for a year, handed over 14 units of four-wheeled vehicles (cars) of the Hilux type and 11 units of corn sheller machines to farmer groups in Keerom Regency, quoted on (30/1/2022).

In the courtyard of the Keerom Regent’s Office, Regent Gusbager handed over four cars and a corn sheller machine to farmer groups who had passed the verification. While the rest, Regent Gusbager wants to first confirm that other farmer groups are eligible to receive the Keerom Regency Government’s assistance.

Veronika Linta Bate and Yulina Tikei, representatives of the Wor Farmers’ group, said that so far their group has had difficulty bringing their agricultural products to the Afijan Market. For this reason, getting the vehicle will make it easier for them to bring their garden produce to the market.

“Thank you to the Regent for being happy to help us in Worwana Village. We represent mothers, mothers, we are proud to receive this assistance and we will use this assistance to support our agriculture. It has not been a year since the Regent has been in office, but it has been proven that he has touched the community,” said Veronika Bate and Yulina Tikei after receiving the vehicle assistance.

His own farmer group currently grows corn, sago and sweet potatoes. In addition, they are also developing corn farming in accordance with the direction of the Keerom Regional Government.

In line with that, Alosius Serem from the Maleo farmer group said he was grateful and grateful. As for the future, the four-wheeled vehicle handed over by the Regent of Keerom, will be used to transport corn farming. The reason is that his party also cleared a 12-hectare corn field, so the group asked for help.

“We are grateful and very grateful for this assistance. We will use corn lifters that are ready to harvest and we also have 12 hectares of land open, so we asked for help and it was given. So far, we have never received assistance and this is the first time and we hope that the district will move forward,” he concluded.

In the same place, Keerom Regent Piter Gusbager S.Hut., MUP., said the assistance was in accordance with his promise when campaigning with Wabup Wahfir Kosasih. Where his party promised to pay attention to the agricultural sector and the welfare of Keerom farmers.

“Our leadership, Piter-Wahfir, during the last campaign, we promised support to farmers to improve the welfare of farmers. Since 60 percent of the population of Keerom work in agriculture and today’s agriculture we cannot use the old ways. We need equipment, we need machines and so on. So this transportation vehicle answers the needs of our farmers,” said Regent Gusbager.

The regent, who is a native of Keerom, has committed that 14 four-wheeled vehicles and 11 corn shellers will be directly distributed to farmer groups.

“The aim is to make it easier for Keerom farmers to transport agricultural products from their fields to their destination, namely the market. While the 11 corn shelling machines, we give them to those who cultivate corn and starting today we will start handing over one today, namely the Kali Merah group,” he added.

Meanwhile, the car assistance was immediately brought by 4 farmer groups. While the rest, the Keerom Regional Government continues to verify the groups that are eligible to receive the Keerom Regional Government assistance. Therefore, if there are groups who have not received the vehicle, they are asked to be patient because verification is being carried out.

The budget for the procurement of cars and corn shellers is sourced from the Keerom Regency APBD in 2021 which was budgeted during the shift, so that it can produce vehicle procurement for farmer groups in Keerom Regency.

“We want that in 2022 there will also be assistance for agricultural machinery (tools and agricultural machinery) including fertilizer for agricultural development in Keerom Regency. This is in accordance with our program and the local government to become the center of corn cultivation in eastern Indonesia,” he added.

Currently, the Keerom Regional Government and the central government are preparing a 3,000 hectare land in the East Arso District. For this reason, his party feels it is important to prepare prospective Keerom Regency farmers to participate in large-scale cultivation.

“The purpose of this vehicle is to support the revitalization of the Afijan Market as the economic center of Keerom. For that, we oblige the owners of these vehicles to sell their plantation products in the Afijan Market and periodically evaluate them if they are not in line with the local government’s vision and mission,” he said.

The Keerom Regional Government, according to Regent Gusbager, is committed to continuing to monitor the use of this assistance vehicle so that it is in accordance with its designation and is used responsibly. If this is not done, the Keerom Regional Government will withdraw the vehicle.

“The recipient has the obligation to maintain, maintain and pay taxes. Mainly functioning, namely to transport agricultural products and nothing else. Drunk people should not use this vehicle, because this vehicle is not for drunk people. This is for people whose profession is clearly agriculture. Do not change number plates. Remember there are still many groups who want. Where has got this, has been selected and put to good use. This vehicle is really beneficial if used properly,” he said.

“Immediately open up agriculture as wide as possible. Be a real working farmer. Develop whatever farm is suitable for the soil in Keerom. Extension workers must go to the field and we will evaluate those who are not competent. Each group has the same rights and responsibilities so that its use is for all group members,” he concluded.


Source:: Ceposonline

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