35 Papuan Language Institute Students Depart to Russia and America

The Papua Language Institute (PLI) succeeded in dispatching 35 Papuan students to the United States and Russia on January 14, 2022. The 35 students assisted by PLI in collaboration with the Papua Province Human Resources Development Agency (BPSDM), strictly followed various administrative preparation processes that were quite long adequate.

After following PLI’s guidance for one year and approximately one year of distance study from their respective campuses, namely Russia and the United States online, finally the 35 students produced satisfactory results.

“The PLI assisted students who went to Russia this time amounted to 28 people. That is, with details of 14 undergraduate students, 13 masters students and 1 doctoral student,” said the person in charge of the PLI Russian Studies Program, Monike F Asmuruf, SPd. MPd in ​​a press release received, (28/1/2022).

All PLI assisted students who departed were students who were included in the 2020-2021 Scholarship Program.

The following is a list of universities targeted by PLI fostered students to Russia, namely:

• Siberian Federal University
• Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation
• Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University
• Hse University
• Peter The Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University
• Moscow Aviation Institute,
• Peoples Friendship University of Russia,
• Lomonosov Moscow State University
• Altai State University Bernaul, Siberia
• Ufa State Aviation Technical University
• Volgograd State University
• Astrakhan State University
• Baikal State University
• Kazan Federal University
• Moscow State Linguistic University
• The Kosygin University Moscow
• Belarusian Russian University

Meanwhile, the seven students who went to the United States were students who would study at Dallas Baptist University (DBU). This is certainly a concrete realization of the collaboration that has been agreed and signed jointly between PLI and DBU in April 2021 in Jayapura, Papua.

Present representing DBU, DBU representative in Indonesia Ir John HL Serworwora, PhD.

Before leaving for Russia and America, all PLI fostered students were officially released by the PLI extended family in Jayapura.
The ceremony for the release and delegation of PLI-assisted students was held together by worship led by Rev. Jimmy Koirewoa.

The chairman of the Papuan Education Maga Foundation, Yoob Ginia, SH, at the release, gave his remarks by reminding all students who go and study abroad to seriously take advantage of this golden opportunity.

Yoob Ginia also asked students to really focus on the studies that have been chosen so that they can be completed on time, so they can return for those who want to return, and continue their studies for those who want to receive higher education.

“This opportunity must be used as well as possible,” said Yoo Ginia to the students at the PLI Kampwolker Dormitory Hall, Waena, Jayapura.

Also giving a speech at the commissioning service, namely Benny Sweny (a member of the Papuan People’s Council/MRP), as well as giving appreciation to PLI and stating that he will continue to support efforts to improve Papuan human resources (HR) carried out by PLI in the future.

“As a member of the MRP, I express my gratitude and appreciation to PLI, because PLI is consistent in efforts to improve the Human Resources of Indigenous Papuans (OAP), by recruiting, selecting, fostering and ensuring that Papuan children can study abroad,” said Benny Sweny.

Benny said, as we know, education is the backbone of the progress of a nation. Education is the main indicator to measure the progressivity of a nation.

Therefore, he said, to develop Papua the main indicator is education, and PLI has done its part.

According to Benny, the collaboration built by PLI with the Government of the Russian Federation is a new breakthrough that will enrich the experience and knowledge of Papuan children studying abroad, so that references for developing Papua do not only come from countries such as America, Australia, and New Guinea. Zealand only.

“I hope that in the future, the Government, in this case BPSDM, can continue to support PLI in preparing the younger generation of Papuans to continue their studies abroad. In the future, I also want to encourage efforts to build superior Papuan human resources that we accommodate in special regulations, for example PERDASUS ,” he said.


Source: Askara

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