Papua Provincial Government Prepares Budget for Papuan Student Scholarships to America

The Papuan Provincial Government (Pemprov) will re-allocate the budget to provide scholarship programs for Papuan students in the United States in 2022, quoted on (27/1/2022).

The Daily Executive (Plh.) Director General (Dirjen) of Regional Financial Development (Keuda), Agus Fatoni, conveyed this at the Coordination Meeting for the Discussion on Funding for Papuan Student Scholarships in the United States, which took place at the Ministry of Home Affairs yesterday.

“The Papuan provincial government will pay for scholarships for Papuan students in the United States for the unfinished 2021 fiscal year and prepare the budget again in 2022,” said Fatoni.

“However, for this year, the Papua Provincial Government does not open new recruitment for the scholarship program, because there is a change in the formulation of the special autonomy fund allocation according to Law Number 2 of 2021,” he added.

According to the new regulation, the allocation of special autonomy funds has been distributed directly to districts/cities so that the burden of scholarship funding can be budgeted directly by the district/city governments in Papua Province.

“There needs to be a joint discussion between the governor, regent, and mayor to find a scholarship (financing) scheme for Papuan students in 2023. A cost sharing scheme or special financial assistance from district/city special autonomy funds to Papua province can be an alternative. Another alternative is the mechanism for calculating scholarship requirements agreed upon by the governor, regent/mayor, taken from the allocation of each region by the Ministry of Finance,” said Fatoni.

The coordination meeting was chaired by Plh. Director General of Regional Finance and Inspector General of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Present at the meeting were the Director of Facilitation of Balancing Funds and Regional Loans at the Directorate General of Financial Development, Ministry of Home Affairs, the Director for Regional Planning, Special Autonomy and DPOD, the Directorate General of Regional Autonomy, the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Head of the Papua Province BPSDM, the Head of the Papua Province Financial and Asset Management Agency, and the Head of the Regional Loans Sub-Directorate of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Domestic.

In addition, there were virtually the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in the United States and the Education and Culture Attache of the Indonesian Embassy in Washington DC, officials from the Directorate General of Fiscal Balance, Ministry of Finance.


Source: Lidik

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