Jayawijaya Regency Adds Doctors and Nurses to Improve Health Services

The Jayawijaya district government will add doctors and nurses in 2022 to improve public services. Head of the Jayawijaya Health Service, doctor Willy Mambieuw in Wamena, said the addition of doctors would be financed through the Papua Special Autonomy Fund.

These nurses will be placed in a number of health care centers. “We have a proposal to add more doctors, I just haven’t seen the number, but as far as I know there are,” he said, quoted on (25/1/2022).

In addition to doctors, the health office has proposed adding nurses to assist the doctors. “Then we have additional nurses,” he said.

In order to improve health services to the community, this year the central government will provide vehicle support for Jayawijaya. The vehicles will be divided into several health facilities that are far from the city center and require access to transportation to take referral patients from the puskesmas to the city.

“This year, there are also around five cars from the health ministry,” he said


Source: Forumkeadilan

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