BPBD Papua Launches SIMDIP to Anticipate Natural Disasters

The Papua Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) launched the Regional Disaster Management Information and Data Management System (SIMDIP), quoted on (26/1/2022).

In addition to aiming to reduce the risk of natural disasters, SIMDIP can provide information on natural disasters ranging from landslides and floods, so as to speed up handling.

Assistant for General Affairs of the Papuan Government, Doren Wakerkwa in his speech appreciated the launch of SIMDIP, so that connectivity between regencies, cities and provinces can occur.

“Through SIMDIP, we can monitor disaster points in Papua, then where are prone areas that could be landslides or areas that are not prone to disasters. That way, the regents, mayors and the Papua provincial government will pay attention to it,” said Doren.

The head of BPBD Papua, William R Manderi, believes that the public can easily obtain information about floods and landslides with the launch of SIMDIP, thereby reducing the risk of natural disasters.

“We provide information to the public, so they can get this information properly. We can also quickly get reports in stages, regarding the conditions that exist in the area,” said Manderi.

BPBD Papua also plans to launch the Papua Race application to detect positions and inform vulnerable areas. “Currently, all BPBDs in the region form resilient villages, hamlets or tough villages, (now) this is the forerunner in reducing disaster risk,” he said.


Source: Kabarpapua

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