We Want to Live in Peace, Don’t Create Conflict in Papua

Father Jhon Bunay, Coordinator of the Papua Peace Network (JDP) warned that it is not good to live with suspicion of one another. Blaming each other will cloud the atmosphere on this land. Including, stop kidnapping the servants of God.

“Dignified dialogue, communication approach is better than direct shooting. Whatever the name, violence is against humanity regardless of religion. Violence will only leave violence, it will never solve the Papuan problem,” said Father John, quoted on (25/1/2022).

Pastot Jhon reminded, the model of kidnapping and shooting must be ended immediately. This includes ending armed conflicts by involving local religious leaders, traditional leaders, women’s leaders and the government.

“All forms of violence against anyone in any way, do not need to be carried out in Papua. We want to live as brothers and sisters, don’t intentionally create conflict to worsen the situation or make the conflict in Papua prolonged,” he concluded.


Source: Cendrawasihpos

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