Papua Needs to Improve Health Services

Expert Staff to the Minister of Health for Health Decentralization, Doctor Kirana, assessed that Papua needs to improve health services in every hospital.

This step aims to detect health problems quickly. The improvement in health services includes increasing the capacity of hospitals and the availability of health workers.

“Papuan health services need to be caught up from other regions, so that efforts to detect health problems can be carried out better, so that all Papuan people will be healthy,” Kirana said, quoted on (19/1/22).

According to Kirana, by catching up, Papua and West Papua can be compared to other regions in Indonesia.

“We support achieving a healthy Papua. This achievement is not only for the age group of infants and toddlers but also adults so that their productivity can increase to support the other pillars of development,” she said.

On that occasion, Kirana also stated that he strongly supports the Master Plan for the Acceleration of Development (RIPP) Papua 2022-2041 which the government wants to encourage to be implemented in Papua.

“The two indicators used to measure the success of human resource development, for the human development index and life expectancy, are part of the health development intervention,” she said.


Source: Kabarpapua

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