Reducing the Price of Basic Food in Yapen Via the Sea Toll

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia or PT Pelni (Persero) Serui Branch socializes the Sea Toll Road to reduce disparities in food prices in the Yapen Islands Regency, Papua.

This socialization is also a form of Pelni Serui’s commitment to meet regulatory standards and provisions in carrying out the assignment of Sea Toll Ships. The role given to Pelni is contained in KP DJPL 8 of 2022, regarding the establishment of a service route network for goods related to the Sea Highway.

“For 2022, Pelni will be appointed as Marine Toll Ship Operator with Route T9, for the eastern region it includes Sarmi, Nabire, Wasior, Serui and Waren,” said Head of Operations of PT Pelni Serui Branch, Rais Akbar, quoted on (17/1/ 22).

According to the Letter of the Ministry of Transportation of the Directorate General of Sea Transportation regarding Sea Toll Transportation, Pelni Serui will follow the specified regulations. Rais hopes that the presence of the Sea Toll Ship can reduce the disparity in the price of basic necessities.

“Entrepreneurs from Serui can send local commodities to Java at low freight rates, (because) so far, Serui has always been empty of cargo, entrepreneurs must also be able to maximize the existence of this Sea Toll properly,” he said.

The Sea Toll Ship is part of the Sea Toll Program initiated by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia President Joko Widodo in ensuring the distribution and availability of basic necessities and other important goods in Indonesia, especially in 3TP areas, namely disadvantaged, remote, outermost and border areas.

For your information, the socialization of the Sea Toll Road was attended by relevant agencies ranging from the Yapen Transportation Service, Serui KUPP, Yapen Industry and Trade Office, PT SBN to animal and plant quarantine.

Not only that, the socialization was also attended by the TNI-Polri, KKP Serui, Dioskuri, as well as food distributors, and expedition entrepreneurs.


Source: Kabarpapua

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