Moi Tribe Students Receive Tuition Fee Assistance From Sorong City Government

In order to support the smooth study of indigenous Moi students in Sorong City in higher education, the Sorong City Government provides tuition assistance for Moi students.

The scholarship assistance was handed over directly by the Mayor of Sorong, Lambert Jitmau to the moi students, located in the samu siret building of the Sorong Mayor’s office, quoted on (12/1/2022).

Moi’s 184 students each received an educational scholarship worth Rp. 10,000,000 which can be used to pay tuition fees.

“This is a form of government in Sorong City for the Moi children, because we live on Moi land,” said Lambert.

This scholarship assistance itself comes from special autonomy funds (otsus) which are indeed given to Papuan People (OAP), especially the Moi tribe in Sorong City.

“Every district and city in West Papua has special autonomy funds, so in Sorong City it is for Moi children,” he said.

He continued, this assistance is the third time and it is planned that in the middle of 2022, it will be given to other MOI students.

“Maybe later I will give the last aid to Moi students this year,” he said.

Lambert hopes that similar assistance will still be carried out in the coming year by the next Regional Head, even though he is no longer the Mayor of Sorong, because the support of all parties is very much needed to increase the Human Resources (HR) of indigenous Papuans in Sorong City.


Source: Teropongnews

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