Social and Humanity Approach are the Right Way to Solve the Papua Problem

The military approach in solving problems in Papua is considered to need to be changed in order to restore the trust of the Papuan people.

This was conveyed by a member of the Indonesian House of Representatives from the Papuan electoral district, William Wandik. He said, to solve the problem in Papua, there needs to be a change in the military approach.

“Indigenous Papuans (OAP) are more comfortable in their own land if there is a change in the military approach. I think the military approach should be re-evaluated and changed to a social-territorial approach,” said the politician from the Democratic Party when confirmed, Wednesday (5/1/2022).

The man who is also the Head of GAMKI said, to solve problems in Papua the spirit of special autonomy (Otsus) by involving local wisdom, of course, needs to be applied in Papua.

“I agree with what the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia (KH. Ma’ruf Amin, ed) said recently, which said that to achieve prosperity in Papua, one must listen to what the Papuan people want, where the realization can involve figures in Papua,” he explained.

William Wandik stated, for the people of Papua, the government’s attention to the needs of the people in Papua is one way to solve problems in Papua.

“For example, empowerment is carried out with the direction of welfare. Don’t use the military to scare the Papuan people,” explained the man who is also the head of the Democratic Party.

For your information, the National Police Headquarters said that the Nemangkawi Task Force (Satgas) will shift the area of ​​operation with a different approach this year. The decision was taken by the police after evaluating the status of the Nemangkawi Task Force’s operations in Papua.

The Nemangkawi Task Force itself in Papua will emphasize the welfare approach to the local community. The Nemangkawi Task Force is a joint TNI-Polri team tasked with dealing with armed groups in the Papua region. The task force is under the command of the Papua Police Chief and the Cendrawasih Regional Military Commander.


Source: Telisik

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