Mimika Regency Government Targets 2022 Electric Lighting in All Villages

The Mimika Regency Government, Papua Province targets that by the end of 2022 all villages (according to the Papua Special Autonomy Law, they are called villages), namely 133 villages and 19 sub-districts in the area to be able to enjoy electric lighting.

Mimika Deputy Regent Johannes Rettob in Timika, quoted on (30/12/2021), explained that currently there are still many villages in Mimika that do not yet enjoy electric lighting, especially in districts (sub-districts) far from Timika City, both in the area coastal areas and in mountainous areas.

“If the Indonesian government targets a Bright Indonesia in 2024, then we at Mimika target that by the end of 2022 all villages will be able to enjoy electric lighting. This requires hard work, requires joint work and support from all stakeholders,” said John.

The former Head of Mimika’s Dishubkominfo stated that all 19 sub-districts in Mimika have enjoyed electric lighting. Meanwhile, there are still quite a lot of villages that do not enjoy electric lighting.

In West Mimika District, there is one village that has not been electrified, namely Aparuka Village, Central Mimika District. There is only one village, namely Timika Pantai or Tiwaka.
Furthermore, all nine villages in the Mimika West-Central District have not been electrified, the Far West Mimika has four villages left, and the Far East Mimika has four villages, namely Otakwa, Manasari and Karaka Island.

The 10 villages in Jita District are not fully electrified, Agimuga has six villages left, Hoeya is not fully electrified with a total of nine villages, Jila is only one village that has electricity from 10 villages and Alama all villages have not been electrified from seven villages.

Especially in the Tembagapura District area which is adjacent to the mining operation area of ​​PT Freeport Indonesia, nearby villages such as Tsinga, Waa-Banti and Aroanop already enjoy electric lighting provided by the company.

In the future, the Mimika Regency Government together with PT PLN (Persero) plan to take over the management of electricity in Indonesia the villages closest to the Freeport area.

John mentioned that to be able to illuminate all the villages in the interior and coastal areas of Mimika the electricity sources provided are PLTS, PLTA and PLTD.

In addition to relying on cooperation with PLN, the Mimika Regency Government also continues to lobby the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to obtain electrify other villages that are not included in the PLN program.

“We will continue to lobby the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to be able to immediately electrify the incoming villages in the electricity program from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources,” said John.

He added that electricity has now become a very important basic infrastructure for the people, because the availability of electrical energy will move the community’s economy and various other sectors.

“People who live on the coast, if they have electricity, they can buy a freezer to store their produce such as fish, shrimp, crab and then sold. There are many economic benefits that will be obtained by the community when electricity is available in remote villages, so we are committed to continuing to build things that are really needed by the community, not building something that does not benefit the community,” said John.

Mimika Deputy Regent Johannes Rettob accompanied by PLN UP3 Manager Timika Marthinus Irianto Pasensi cut ribbons to inaugurate the operation of PLTS in three villages in Ipaya (Ipiri, Paripi and Yaraya), Amar District, quoted on (12/30/2021).

Meanwhile, quoted on (12/30/2021), Wabup Mimika John Rettob together with PLN UP3 Manager Timika Marthinus Irianto Pasensi inaugurated the operation of PLTS in three villages in Amar District, namely Ipiri, Paripi and Yaraya (Ipaya).

PLN Timika provides electricity with a capacity of 180 KWP in Ipaya and currently 279 people’s houses, schools, churches, teachers’ houses, and other public facilities in Ipaya can enjoy electricity for 1×24 hours.

“The people of Ipaya are very happy and happy. I myself was born and raised in Ipaya, from the past we have never enjoyed electric lighting. Now electricity has entered all people’s homes. Thank you to PLN Timika for providing electricity to our people who live far away the coast to the interior of Papua,” said John Rettob.


Source: Antaranews

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