Special Autonomy for the Welfare of the Papuan People

By : Janet Theresia (The author is a Papuan student living in Bandung)

Special Autonomy (Otsus) is a way for the welfare of the Papuan people as well as a way of equitable development throughout Indonesia.

The government also continues to ensure that 100% of the Otsus funds are absorbed for the benefit of the Papuan people.

The development of Papua has been one of President Joko Widodo’s main programs since he first took office. Various efforts to advance Papua continue to be intensified both by issuing regulations and continuing the Special Autonomy program in order to accelerate infrastructure development.

The construction of the international airport Sentani is one of the results of the special autonomy program (Otsus). The program which started in 2001 and was extended in volume 2 in 2021 was indeed used to build the Earth of Cendrawasih for progress there.

That way, there is no gap between western and eastern Indonesia, because Papua is part of Indonesia.
The use of the Special Autonomy funds has been greatly enjoyed by all the people on Earth of Cendrawasih. Deputy V Presidential Chief of Staff (KSP) Jaleswari Pramodhawaradani emphasized that the implementation of Presidential Instruction No. 9 of 2020 and Papua’s special autonomy should focus on program effectiveness to improve community welfare. This is so that Otsus is enjoyed by all the people.

Jaleswari added that the Special Autonomy funds must be given for the prosperity of the Papuan people, not to be enjoyed by the elite. The goal is to make real benefits for all civil society. In a sense, don’t let the Otsus funds turn out to be misdirected and don’t make the citizens of Earth of Cendrawasih bite their fingers because it turns out to be embezzled by naughty people.

Supervision of Otsus funds is the homework of all parties so that they can be used effectively. The Special Autonomy budget is indeed getting bigger, namely 2.5% of the national general allocation fund (DAU) and in 2021 the government will disburse 7.6 trillion rupiah. This amount of money must be closely guarded so that it is absorbed 100% for the welfare of the people.

To guard the Otsus funds, supervision is carried out by the central government and local governments and assisted by the BPK (security supervisory agency). The people also supervise because Otsus is intended for them, so they must be careful and report if there are Otsus projects that are not in accordance with the initial agreement. Officials in the Cendrawasih Earth must also be held accountable for these funds, because if they fail, they will face the KPK.

The absorption of Otsus funds has been monitored and to increase the level of welfare in Papua, not only focusing on infrastructure (such as road construction) but also in other fields. First, the Special Autonomy budget will be allocated in the economic sector. This is done by providing capital assistance to mothers (the term for mothers in Papua) so that they can trade and earn additional income.

The Special Autonomy budget is also given in the education sector. In addition to building representative schools and libraries, Special Autonomy funds in the field of education are also provided as scholarships for high achieving Papuan students.

They can go to school and college without worrying about the cost.
The Special Autonomy Fund for scholarships is also given to high school alumni who wish to continue their military education. They can register and then register on the special Otsus line and will get pocket money.

When Papuans get higher education, they can improve their future because they work in companies with high salaries. In addition, they can also defend their territory by becoming members of the TNI and receive a very decent salary. So that his life will be more prosperous.

The Special Autonomy Fund given in 2021 has a larger nominal value and is indeed intended for the Papuan people. Trillions of rupiah were disbursed not only for physical development (bridges and buildings) but also for scholarships and capital assistance for the mothers of Earth of Cendrawasih. In this way, their lives will improve.


Source: Deliknews

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