PLN Distributes Christmas Gifts in Jayapura and Sarmi Regencies

In 2021 Christmas Day celebration, PLN provided assistance with 97 sets of electric tubes for people in remote areas. Through the Social and Environmental Responsibility (TJSL) program, the 500 kilojoule capacity electric tube was symbolically handed over by the General Manager of the PLN Main Unit for Papua and West Papua (UIW PPB), Abdul Farid to the Chief of Staff of Korem 172/Praja Wira Yakthi, Colonel inf. Wempi Ramandei at Makorem 172/Praja Wira Yakthi, quoted (20/12/2021).

Similar to the Solar Power Plant (PLTS), this electric tube working system also uses solar panels as a power source that is connected to a power storage (electric tube). The stored power can later be used to operate electronic devices and supplied to several connected lamps.

Each set of electric tubes provided consists of a solar panel, an electric tube for storing power and four lights that can be used simultaneously. For normal use, a fully charged electric tube can be used for 4-5 days.

The Chief of Staff of Korem 172/Praja Wira Yakthi, Colonel Inf. Wempi Ramandei, expressed his appreciation for the assistance provided by PLN. He explained that with the presence of electricity, solar power technology is one solution for areas whose geography is difficult to reach.

“This is a form of TNI service territorial operations supported through the PLN Cares program to make it happen. We thank PLN for providing this assistance. We hope this collaboration can continue,” he said.

With the help of Korem 172/Praja Wira Yakthi, the electric tubes will be distributed to several districts in Sarmi and Jayapura districts. Of course, this is highly anticipated by the beneficiaries who have never experienced electricity before.

“We plan to provide 60 sets of electric tubes to the people of the Apawer Hilir District and 20 sets of electric tubes to the people of Yamna Village, East Coast District. Meanwhile, in Jayapura Regency, 4 sets will be given to the people of Drakisi Village and 13 sets to the people of Sombeiyai ​​Village, in the Depapre District, “said Wempi.

On the other hand, General Manager of PLN Main Unit for Papua and West Papua Region, Abdul Farid, said that in the current era, collaboration is urgently needed to be able to continue to make progress in facing challenges. As a regional-based institution, Korem certainly has a lot of control over the geography of these 11 regencies in Papua, so it is very helpful for PLN, which has a vision to illuminate the entire country.

“This electric tube was chosen as our effort to electrify remote areas. If you wait for a network like here, it still takes a long time to make it happen. We want the whole community to immediately enjoy the presence of electricity,” said Farid.

In addition, Farid hopes that the synergy that has been built between PLN and the TNI can continue. The welfare of the community will be helped and daily activities can be carried out more easily. “Hopefully, with the presence of electricity, it can be a Christmas gift that the community will enjoy with joy,” he hoped.


Source: Kabarpapua

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