Pangdam Cenderawasih Supports Peaceful Dialogue in Papua

The Commander of the Cenderawasih Military Regional Command, Major General Ignatius Yogo Triyono, supports a dialogue approach to overcoming the conflict in Papua. So far, the government is known to still use a military approach in Papua.

The escalation of conflict in Papua has continued in recent months. Not only in Intan Jaya, the violence also spread to other districts such as Kiwirok, Bintang Mountains.

“I totally agree. The root of the problem in Papua is not security issues, but welfare,” said Yogo, quoted on Monday (11/15/21).

According to Yogo, conflicts are becoming more frequent because armed criminal groups want to show their existence in Papua. He said that what happened later was not a riot, but a security disturbance.

Yogo said the dialogue approach could be used in Papua, as long as it was placed within the framework of peace and the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

“We are also tired of shooting continuously because our troops are also victims, not only from armed criminal groups,” said Yogo.

Source: Tempo

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