Poverty Reduction in Jayawijaya Starting in Early November 2021

Jayawijaya District Social Service Head Nicolas Itlay revealed that after synchronizing citizen data in 5 districts which became the locus of handling poverty in Jayawijaya District, poverty alleviation efforts would begin in early November 2021. Where the source of funds is charged to the Jayawijaya Regional Budget through the Papua Special Autonomy Fund. Five districts were the locus of handling, namely Wesaput, Wouma, Bolakme, Asologaima and Usilimo.

“We from the Social Service have a source of funds from Papua Special Autonomy to carry out services that can be transferred to the Handling of Extreme Poverty in the 5 Districts which are the locus of the problem.” he said.

He stated that at the beginning of November these activities would be implemented or started to run, the financing for this handling was indeed from the Special Autonomy for Papua and had been going on for a long time, but this program had only just reached the regions, so the Regent took a policy because coincidentally there was Otsus funds in the Social Service.

“So the special autonomy fund that is in our office, the program is also for the poor, so that there is this fund so that we can focus or input on handling poverty,” said Nicolas Itlay.

For assistance from the Ministry of Social Affairs itself, it is certain that there is not yet, so that in handling Extreme Poverty the financing burden may be from the Jayawijaya Regional Government itself. This means that this year the local government does not have a program, but this source of funds is for services to the poor so that these funds can be used for countermeasures.

“This special autonomy fund is indeed intended for the poor so that we can allocate entry to this program, we have also coordinated with the regional government through the Head of Bappeda,” explained the Head of Social Affairs Office Jayawijaya.

Previously, Deputy Regent of Jayawijaya, Marthin Yogobi, SH, MHum stated that of the 5 districts, Jayawijaya was 30.84 percent of the total population of Jayawijaya, so the range is 67,720 people in the category of poverty, so that from the 5 districts that became the locus of the problem, each district was taken. 5 villages so there are 25 villages.

“In the near future, we have started to take steps to take countermeasures. This means that it does not go through the program anymore, but directly on the social assistance that will be carried out,” he explained.

Source: Ceposonline

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