2 Years of Jokowi-Ma’ruf: There is an Improvement in Policies

The District Government (Pemkab) of Jayawijaya, Papua, has felt an increase in programs and policies provided to Papua during the leadership of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and Vice President Ma’ruf Amin.

The Regional Secretary for Jayawijaya Regency, Tinggal Wusono, said that the policy increase occurred in various public service sectors.

“Of course we also feel improvements in programs and policies in terms of education, health, and the people’s economy, including acceleration in terms of service to the community,” he said.

He mentioned that apart from the regulation of the national medium-term development plan (RPJMN) and the regional medium-term development plan (RPJMD), there is also special attention for the people in Papua.

“Indeed, for us in Papua, apart from local government regulations, we also have an Inpres for the Acceleration of Papuan Development which specifically has a translation implemented,” he explained.

One other policy that is felt is related to the handling of COVID-19 in the country, especially in Papua.

“We see now that the handling of Covid-19 is more about how vaccination can be carried out quickly, so that corona cases can be sloping and that has been proven, including us in Jayawijaya,” said Tinggal.

The Jayawijaya Regency Government also, added Stay, hopes to continue to build good coordination between the central and regional governments in handling COVID-19.

Source: Medcom

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