Vanuatu Advises Separatism in the Presence of Concern for Human Rights

Vanuatu has again disturbed Indonesia’s sovereignty in the UN General Assembly. Vanuatu said there had been human rights violations in Papua and asked the Office of the UN Human Rights Commissioner to visit West Papua Province.

“Human rights violations are widespread throughout the world. In my region, the indigenous peoples of West Papua continue to suffer human rights abuses,” Vanuatu Prime Minister Bob Loughman Weibur said in his address to the UN General Assembly.

“The Pacific Forum and ACP Leaders among other leaders have asked the Government of Indonesia to allow the Office of the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner to visit West Papua Province and to provide an independent assessment of the human rights situation,” he added.

“To date there has been little progress in this area. I hope that the international community through the UN-led process takes this issue seriously and deals with it fairly,” he said.

The Prime Minister of Vanuatu’s statement was also responded by a young Indonesian diplomat, Sindy Nur Fitri. Sindy directly questioned Vanuatu’s understanding of human rights.

“Vanuatu is trying to impress the world with its so-called concern for human rights issues,” said Sindy

“In fact, their version of human rights is twisted and there is no mention of the inhuman and heinous acts of terror perpetrated by armed separatist criminal groups,” he continued.

“Vanuatu deliberately turned a blind eye when this armed separatist criminal group killed nurses, health workers, teachers, construction workers and law enforcement officers,” he said.

“Is this their understanding of human rights?” asked Sindy in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs YouTube show, Sunday (26/9/2021).

Sindy also firmly stated that Indonesia rejected Vanuatu’s accusations which he called false, baseless and false. On the other hand, Vanuatu advocates separatism under the guise of human rights concerns.

“They create false and empty hopes, and fuel conflict…unfortunately at the cost of innocent lives,” said Sindy.

“When innocent construction workers were brutally murdered why did Vanuatu choose to remain silent? When teachers were mercilessly killed why did Vanuatu choose to remain silent? When public facilities built for the people of Papua were destroyed why did Vanuatu once again choose to remain silent?” said Cindy.

Sindy admitted that she was surprised by Vanuatu’s “brazenness” in continuing to use the UN General Assembly forum to violate the sovereignty and territorial integrity of other member countries with bad intentions and political motives.

“Vanuatu has repeatedly tried to question Papua’s unquestionable status as an integral part of Indonesia,” he said.

“This violates the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter and is contrary to the Declaration of Principles of International Law on Friendly Relations and Cooperation among States,” he continued.

“We cannot allow repeated violations of the UN Charter to continue in this forum,” said Sindy.

Sindy stated that Indonesia is a pluralistic country with a dynamic democracy, and respects the rule of law, good governance, and social justice. Indonesia has also fulfilled its commitment to promote and protect human rights.

Sindy said democracy, rule of law, good governance, and social justice are all vital components in the struggle for human rights. All citizens are treated equally regardless of their socio-cultural, religious or economic background.

“Open your eyes and see the whole picture. See it all or you will get lost,” he concluded.

Source: Sindonews

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