Research Proves Papuan KKB Terrorists Violate Human Rights

The Papuan Observer, Ambassador Prof. Imron Cotan, said that Papua is a peaceful region. According to him, peace is something that already exists in the human body.

“We have seeds of wanting peace, within ourselves, with others, with nature. War is a consequence of other people who are not accommodated. In the context of Papua there is no war, even though in Papuan culture there is war between tribes it is called war. In the context of the state, there is no war. The war involved two entities or two countries. For example, Indonesia and Malaysia, Indonesia and the Netherlands had occurred. In Papua it was not a war, but a low intensity conflict,” he explained after being a resource person for the Moya Instute Beda Book Webinar by native children. Papua by Steve Rick E Mara entitled “We All Want to Live in Peace”, Tuesday (14/9).

According to him, in various cases, separatists everywhere were crushed by the military. For example, in Ireland it was exterminated, in Sri Lanka it was killed, and in Latin America it was also exterminated.

He added that in dealing with low intensity conflict in Papua, there are three things. That is through the military, by way of negotiations or by a combination of both.

“It should be emphasized that Papua is not integration into Indonesia. However, Papua is returning to the motherland. Because the Netherlands cannot defend militarily as a colony. In the Netherlands there is no document that states Papua was ever independent,” he explained.

He said, based on UGM research, KKB had committed a lot of violence in Papua. He said that since April 2021 KKB has recorded 188 cases of human rights violations, the National Police 19 and the TNI 13. In fact, currently the cases committed by the KKB are increasing, such as shooting at the TNI, Polri or civilians.

“We must be objective in looking at Papua and cannot be biased. We must admit the mistakes made by the KKB, the TNI and the Police. The need for reconciliation and the truth is in the law. Or in other ways towards a peaceful path that we must think together,” he said.

Believe me, he said, all rebellions in Indonesia are not sanctioned by God. Left rebellion, Islam crushed, PRRI Permesta crushed. So I say as a moderate person, Nusantara, the island of interaction that Indonesia has formed for centuries. Dialogue is one approach as a solution to the road to peace.

John Al Norotow is a former member of the OPM and has now realized his mistake and declared his loyalty to the Republic of Indonesia. According to him, what he did with the KKB was very different.

According to him, Papua as part of Indonesia is final because it is recognized by the United Nations. Even those who want to liberate Papua are unable to revoke this UN resolution or decision. “They don’t have and are unable to revoke the resolution, because it was chosen from a vote of (sovereign countries) at the United Nations,” he explained.

Source: Republika

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