Papuan Youth Leaders Support the Continuation of Otsus Volume II

Nabire youth leader Frans Kobepa fully supports the efforts of the central government to resume the Otsus policy for Papua and West Papua. He considered the policy to be an alternative from the Government of Indonesia for the welfare of the people in the Land of Papua.

“Where the things that have been compiled by the central government in special autonomy, one of which is the protection of the basic rights of Indigenous Papuans, who have been considered left behind, which have been considered by the government not to be seen by the government, and considered unable to develop in various sectors, can be answered,” he said, quoted Monday, September 13, 2021.

He also revealed that Otsus had been quite successful so far. This can be seen through the affirmation program for Indigenous Papuans so that the implementation of education becomes fairly even.

“Where through the affirmation program, it opens up great opportunities for native Papuan sons and daughters, continuing their education at universities to abroad,” he said.

On the other hand, the man who is also the founder of the media also revealed a number of obstacles that occurred during the implementation of Otsus volume I. He assessed that the rights and authorities for Papuans through special autonomy had not been fully implemented properly.

This is caused by various factors, including the distribution of which is not right on target, the special autonomy law rules which are not yet technically implemented in the community.

‚ÄúThis is what makes the rights of Indigenous Papuans seem neglected. Not to mention the addition of unscrupulous officials in Papua who misuse the special autonomy funds,” he said.

Support for the continuation of Otsus volume II also came from the Youth Leader of the Napan District, Simon Manaiawasi. The man who works as a health officer (mantri) at the Napan Health Center every day is very supportive of the continuation of Otsus.

“Otsus is a government program that was handed down to improve the welfare of the indigenous Papuan people, the programs that were handed down brought many changes in Papua, especially in the Napan District,” he said.

He admitted himself that many of his relatives were quite helped by the presence of Otsus Papua. Where, many of his brothers were able to study in Jakarta and work as TNI and Polri.

“Generally, the people in the Napan District or the Island people are very supportive of the continuation of Otsus in Papua,” he said.

Even so, he hopes that before the Special Autonomy is continued, there needs to be re-evaluation stages. Because the allocation of the very large Special Autonomy funds was misused by certain officials who used it for personal interests.

“We hope that in the future the use of the Special Autonomy funds distributed can be even better than before and really reach the community,” he said.

Source: Minews

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