KKB Lamek Tablo Group Burns Puskesmas to Bank Papua

In addition to making contact with the TNI, the armed criminal group (KKB) led by Lamek Tablo is suspected of burning a number of public facilities in Kiwirok, Bintang Mountains Regency, Papua.
Previously, KKB had a shootout with TNI-Polri officers in Kiwirok District, Bintang Mountains Regency, Papua on Monday (13/9) morning.

The commander of Kodim 1715/Yahukimo Lt. Col. Inf. Christian Irreuw, quoted from Antara, Monday (13/9), said that the KKB led by Lamek Tablo had exchanged fire with security forces and set fire to public facilities in Kiwirok.

The shootout, he continued, occurred when members received a report and saw KKB passing around Kiwirok. They tried to intercept until gunfire occurred.

KKB, he said, then set fire to a number of public facilities, such as elementary school buildings (SD), the Papua Regional Development Bank (BPD) office, and community health centers, as well as residents’ houses.

“Members of the TNI and Polri are still on standby and civilians are currently securing themselves at the post,” said Irreuw.

In that incident, a soldier from Infantry Battalion 403/WP who is a member of the border security task force was injured as a result of being hit by a rebound or the reflection of a bullet fired in his right arm. However, his condition is now stable.

“It is true that Prada Ansar was injured in the right arm, but his condition is stable,” said Irreuw.

He suspected that the KKB action was related to the arrest of two new KKB members from Papua New Guinea (PNG) with five long-barreled firearms by members of the Batom Koramil along with residents, Tuesday (7/9).

“I have asked all TNI personnel, especially those on duty at the RI-PNG border, to increase their preparedness,” said Lt. Col. Inf. Christian Irreuw.

Kiwirok and Batom are districts in the Bintang Mountains bordering PNG.

Previously, KKB also set fire to heavy equipment belonging to PT Wijaya Karya (WIKA), which was building a road from Oksibil to Towe Hitam, Wednesday (8/9).

Source: CNNindonesia

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