Mandacan donates IDR 4.3 billion to West Papua FKUB

West Papua Governor Dominggus Mandacan invites religious people in this province to maintain the harmony that has been well established in order to support regional development.

The governor said that fostering religious harmony is part of the government’s responsibility which is also contained in the vision and mission of the West Papua Province government.

“Building religious harmony is the eighth mission of my leadership in this province. The ideals of West Papua’s development will be realized if it is supported by religious harmony,” said Governor Dominggus Mandacan, Saturday (11/9/2021).

The governor stated that one of the government’s contributions in fostering religious harmony was through grant support for the construction of the secretariat office building of the Religious Communication Forum (FKUB) of West Papua province.

“On Friday (10/9) yesterday, I laid the first stone to start the construction of the West Papua Province FKUB secretariat office building with grants worth IDR 4.3 billion through the mental and spiritual bureau of the West Papua Provincial Secretariat,” said the Governor.

He hopes that the performance of the management and members of the West Papua Province FKUB will be maximized with the existence of the secretariat office building. “I thank FKUB who continue to work to maintain diversity in this province,” said the Governor.

Furthermore, the chairman of the West Papua Province FKUB, Pastor Sadrak Simbiak, said that the last two years (2019/2020) the religious harmony index of this province was the highest in Indonesia because it reached 80 percent.

“Under the leadership of Governor Dominggus Mandacan, religious harmony in this province is well maintained, so we dub West Papua as a miniature of religious tolerance in Indonesia,” he said.

Simbiak also expressed his gratitude for the government’s attention through the grant assistance for the construction of the West Papua FKUB secretariat office building in Manokwari.

Source: Jubi

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