Frans Magniagasi: RPP Otsus and Long-Term Paradigm

By: Frans Magniagasi

AS a person who is more guided by the principle of thinking about preparing long-term strategic steps, that is what motivated me to be involved in the discussion and preparation of the RPP as an elaboration of Law No. 2/2021 on Otsus Papua.

Since the second Amendment to the Special Autonomy Law which was signed by the President (19/7/2021) I have been intensely involved in discussions and contributed ideas that can be used as the basis for joint regulations with the Government through the relevant Ministries/Agencies.

I believe that strategic thinking in the long term paradigm by rejecting pragmatism or for a moment oriented to the struggle for power, for example, will never solve the problems of a social community, including the solution to the Papua problem.

Moreover, just worrying about the problem will actually fall into a “vicious circle of problems” so that the solution will never materialize.

Within that framework, involvement in the discussion and preparation of the five RPPs is a mandate that must be carried out intensely.

Technocratic work, mathematical statistics without neglecting substance and based on numbers and data becomes urgent (qualitative – quantitative) without synchronizing the two methods, we will repeat the above mistakes.

The five RPPs are clustered into two parts, namely: 1. RPP on Authority and Institutions and 2. RPP on Master Plan and Governance of the Special Autonomy Fund, and related funds.

Thus, it is hoped that in the future it is expected to be more focused, directed, and measurable for Otsus activities or programs and their funds and their achievements can be evaluated. Has it brought benefits to the Papuan people, especially OAP – while at the same time approaching the goal of Otsus or not, by avoiding blaming each other like the experience of 20 years ago.

*Frans Maniagasi, writer, observer of Papua issues and Chair of the Sabang-Merauke Discussion Forum (FORSAM).

Source: Senayanpost

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