Traditional Leaders of La Pago and Waghete: Transparency of Papuan Government to Distribute Otsus Fund

The leader of the La Pago Indigenous community in Jayapura Regency, Nius Jikwa, expressed his support for the continuation of Otsus Papua volume II.

“I support the sustainability of Otsus in Papua for the welfare of the indigenous Papuan people (OAP) and ask all parties to support the sustainability of Otsus,” he said, Friday, September 10, 2021.

He revealed that so far the Special Autonomy program has produced positive results in development in Papua, especially the City of Jayapura. For this reason, he hopes that the opinion of rejecting Otsus should be abandoned.

Nius explained that the wave of rejection that came from the community was caused by the actions of Papuan officials themselves. They are considered unable to manage Papua’s Special Autonomy funds properly.

“This is not a good solution but a mistake, because it will have a negative impact or big loss for the community. Because so far Otsus has been very helpful for OAP. It should be noted and evaluated that the Special Autonomy for Papua must be managed properly by taking into account the needs of the Papuan people in the future,” he said.

The same thing was also expressed by the Waghete Community Leader, Deiyai ​​Yusuf Mote Regency. He also supports the continuation of Otsus Papua volume II. According to him, the policy is proof of the central government’s concern for the Papuan people.

“The central government has good intentions to improve the standard of living and welfare of OAP so that they can catch up with other regions,” he said.

However, if the distribution system is not changed and is the same as before, the good intentions of the Central Government will not be realized. This is because the previous distribution system caused a lot of misappropriation of funds by unscrupulous regional officials due to weak supervision of Otsus.

“Before this new Special Autonomy Law is further followed up, it is necessary to take action from the central government against the perpetrators of misappropriating Otsus funds so that it can have a deterrent effect on other actors,” he said.

Yusuf is also willing to socialize the Special Autonomy Law volume II to the public. According to him, the approach and providing understanding to the community must be done slowly and gradually.

“Because it has been ingrained in the Deiyai ​​community that Otsus has failed so far because it has only been enjoyed by Deiyai ​​local government officials. So to change it takes the right time and atmosphere, “he said.

Source: Minews

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