Alfamart Class Prints Vocational Graduates Ready to Work

Alfamart and the Education and Culture Office of West Papua Province signed a cooperation program for the Alfamart Class modern retail curriculum. The signing was carried out by Alfamart’s Human Capital Director, Tri Wasono Sunu and the Head of the West Papua Province Education and Culture Office, Barnabas Dowansiba, in Tangerang, Thursday (9/9/2021).

With this collaboration, Vocational Schools majoring in marketing and online business in West Papua Province in collaboration with Alfamart can implement a modern retail curriculum through Alfamart Class. SMK Negeri 1 Sorong became the first SMK to work together, as well as being the forerunner to the development of the Alfamart Class in West Papua.

Tri Wasono Sunu, Human Capital Director of Alfamart, said that Alfamart supports the development of the potential of SMK students in West Papua to become graduates who have work-ready competencies.

Alfamart Class is Alfamart’s CSR in the field of education, which aims to create graduates of vocational students who have work competencies in the modern retail industry or can even open a retail business independently.

The company creates alignment of educational programs with the needs of the world of work through the transfer of knowledge and learning practices to teachers and students.

“The Department of Education and Culture of West Papua Province will help facilitate the implementation of curriculum synchronization and training for teachers,” he added.

Alfamart also donated a modern retail laboratory as a means of student work practices in each collaborating vocational school. As well as industrial work practices (prakerin) for at least 6 months which can provide real experience for students in the world of work.

“The added value of graduates from Alfamart Class is that they can immediately work at Alfamart with a higher grade than SMK graduates who join Alfamart through the regular route,” added Sunu.

Head of the Education and Culture Office of West Papua Province, Barnabas appreciated the Alfamart Class program so that it can improve the quality of Human Resources (HR) of Papuan children in the retail business.

“We are grateful that Alfamart has collaborated with us in terms of improving Human Resources (HR) for Papuan children, especially West Papuans to acquire new knowledge, even practice it directly,” concluded Barnabas.

Alfamart Class has been running continuously since 2009, and there are already 188 SMKs that are actively collaborating nationally. In total, there are more than 7000 alumni of Alfamart class students. Both those who work at Alfamart and other companies, as well as those who develop independent businesses. Alfamart Class fostered students at SMK Negeri 1 Sorong now number 34 students and 3 productive teachers have attended training classes.

Source: Suara

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