Jubelina Wally, Papuan Woman Head of the Indonesian Border Police

Jubelina Wally, a female police officer (Polwan) from Papua who serves as Kapolsek Muara Tami, Muara Tami District, Jayapura City, Papua Province.

On a daily basis, she is tasked with carrying out regional patrols to ensure security and public order in his jurisdiction, located in the border area of ​​the Republic of Indonesia (RI) with neighboring Papua New Gunea (PNG).

The distance between the border and the official office is quite far. She had to leave from the west (koya west) to the north (kampung skouw) while driving his official car, with a distance of 30 minutes.

The position as a police chief, for him is not just a leadership position who always orders his subordinates. But the position as a sector police chief is an internal servant (police) as well as an external servant (community).

At 07.00 WIT, Jubelina led the morning assembly to all its members. 15 Minutes of apples are held for the division of tasks for the staff.

She always synergizes with border authority institutions such as the National Border Management Agency (BNPP) through the Skouw State Boundary Management (PLBN), the Wutung Cross-Border Post (PLB) and the RI-PNG Border Guard Task Force from the TNI-AD unit.

The presence of the TNI Pamtas Task Force from outside Papua really helped his party at the Cross Border Post (PLB) which was guarded by 5 police elements.

She has served as Muara Tami police chief since 2019, the most prominent case in his area is the smuggling of marijuana supplied from Vanuatu PNG.
For the movement of separatist groups, since 2019 until now there has been no activity in the area. If any, they are in the border area of ​​Keerom Regency, south of the RI-PNG border.

In addition to the issue of marijuana, the problem of crime in the area is included in the low risk category. For example, a drunk person, usually a foreigner, makes trouble and leaves. So overall Muara Tami is safe.

Entering the Covid-19 pandemic, a new criminal case emerged, namely, motorcycle theft (curanmor) and they acted at dawn in the morning from 03.00 to 04.00 WIT.

Muara Tami used to be, now it’s different. After accessing the connectivity of the Youtefa Bridge, the burglars were easy to get rid of the stolen goods.

“I am a police chief who has a border area between the Republic of Indonesia and PNG, I serve as a police chief in this area to maintain security,” said Muara Tami police chief, AKP Jubelina Wally.

Her career began when he joined the National Police Secaba in 1991. He was initially assigned to the Papua Regional Police. Then he entered the National Police Secapa in 2008 from the Jayapura Police (now the Jayapura City Police), and the 2016 National Police Officer Sespima school continued.

“Shee has held the position of police chief twice, first, the Head of the Sentani Airport Police in 2013, and the Kapolsek of Muara Tami in 2019,” said Jubelina Wally.

She recounted that from a series of positions within the police, one of the longest positions he had held was when he was the Head of Traffic at the Abepura Police, but did not become Kasat then.

“After I became Muara Tami police chief, a few months later, there were also policewomen from Papua who became police chiefs, such as the Pania police chief and the Merauke police chief, so we have four Papuan policewomen who have served as police chiefs until now,” said AKP. Jubelina.

She also expressed his gratitude for the trust in his current position. Especially to the Papuan Police Chief who believes in the ability of the Policewomen to hold positions.

“Like I am now a police chief at this time, if I was not given small tasks and responsibilities, like Kanit, I just became a police chief. Because when we become kanit we are trained to lead. If you are immediately appointed to be the police chief, your mental state will be shaky. Because the mentality of the staff and the mentality of field leaders are different. The point is that the trust is given little by little, and I believe all policewomen can occupy the strategic positions in question,” said the Muara Tami police chief closing the story.

Source: Merdeka

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