Minister of Agriculture Improves Agricultural Human Resources in Papua

The Minister of Agriculture (Mentan), Syahrul Yasin Limpo alias SYL said his party would be committed to encouraging the improvement of agricultural aspects in Papua. At the same time, it also encourages Papua to produce more superior agricultural human resources who are ready to become young entrepreneurs.

This needs to be done considering that Papua is a fertile area with agricultural land that has not been fully exploited. So, export opportunities are also wide open.

“I see that Papua is a great area. Let’s farm together, because God created this extraordinary land of Papua. The sun is shining, the water is flowing, the land is fertile. Don’t go home if you don’t have anything to do in Papua,” said the Minister of Agriculture to the Director General and the Papuan people during a working visit related to the opening of the technical guidance training (bimtek) for millennial farmer entrepreneurs.

He explained that agriculture could be the main choice because farming is something great and farming is something that is certain. Evidently, the agricultural sector is a formidable sector because when the world was shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic, the agricultural sector continued to grow and was even able to become the largest contributor to the national economic recovery.

Last year, Indonesia’s agricultural exports rose 15 percent during the COVID-19 pandemic. Then, in the first quarter of January to April grew by about 40 percent.

“If it’s like gold, mining is 24 carats while agriculture is 100 carats that is in front of us, and agriculture is a job opportunity that is always open,” said Minister of Agriculture SYL.

SYL hopes that millennial farmers will seriously follow the technical guidance to improve the quality of agricultural progress in Papua. In addition, he also asked all Echelon I ranks within the Ministry of Agriculture to look at Papuan lands that need to be developed, be it horticulture, plantations and animal husbandry.

“Let’s work together according to our respective duties and functions, please think about what is suitable and superior to be developed for Papua,” he said.

Meanwhile, Assistant II for the Economy and People’s Welfare of the Regional Secretary of the Papua Province, Muhammad Musa’ad representing the Governor expressed his high appreciation for the visit and attention of the Minister of Agriculture SYL and his entourage to Papua.

He admitted that the presence of the Minister of Agriculture was a prayer that had been answered so far. The presence of the Minister of Agriculture SYL is also considered to have given enthusiasm for all Papuans to awaken the existing agricultural potential.

“So far, we have been complacent and have been hypnotized by a mine that seems to provide benefits to Papua. In fact, as many as 70 percent of Papuans enjoy agricultural products,” said Musa’ad.

Furthermore, Musa’ad said that Papua is a very large agricultural area. He considered, the excess land of Papua has the potential to become a national food barn in the future.

Moreover, the majority of Papuans live in forest areas and suburbs. Many of them are farming, but still in the old ways, untouched and not familiar with technology.

“But I believe that the presence of the Minister can revive and idolize the agricultural sector,” he said.

On the same occasion, Minister of Agriculture SYL also visited Kab. Merauke and Kab. Sorong and symbolically handed over some assistance related to the Ministry of Agriculture’s programs/activities to the Merauke Regency Government TA. 2021 in the field of animal husbandry and animal health in the series of the birthday of animal husbandry and animal health.

The assistance included 60 cattle for 3 groups, 125 goats for 5 groups, and 4,500 chickens for 9 groups with a total budget of Rp 2.97 billion.

Meanwhile, Sorong Regency received assistance, including 20 female cows with a total budget of Rp. 300 million and for City assistance. Sorong 25 goats with a budget value of Rp. 63,000,000.

Source: Republika

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