Artists from all over Papua declare their mutual understanding

Dozens of artists and female artists in Papua held a miss gathering at one of the hotels called Entrop, Tuesday (31/8/2021) with the theme Uniting Papuan Artists throughout Indonesia to Protect and Introduce Cultural Artworks to the World.

The activity, which was initiated by the DPD of the Archipelago Cultural Arts Committee (KSBN) of Papua Province, was opened directly by the Chairman of the Papuan DPR, Johny R Banua, while still adhering to the Covid-19 health protocol.

On that occasion, the Chairman of the Committee, Yonas Nusi asked all artists in Papua to be involved and make the XX National Sports Week (PON) a success in 2021. “The government and PB PON must involve Papuan artists in the success of PON XX in Papua, said Yonas Nusi

Furthermore, he invites art and cultural actors to participate in the success of PON by preparing their work, the moment of PON XX which will be held in a few weeks must be used properly by artists and artists in the Papua region.

Chairman of the DPD KSBN Papua Province, Metusalem Wopari said, KSBN is ready to succeed PON XX, on 2-15 October. He hopes that PB PON will provide an exhibition booth or stand that will be used as a place for exhibitions of Papuan children’s artworks.

“We ask for support from PB to provide one exhibition space in each venue for Papuan children to exhibit their art,” he hoped.
Declaration of Understanding

During the meeting, the art actors consisting of 18 studios and this community also signed a declaration of mutual understanding.

The Declaration asks the Papuan Provincial Government to complete the location of the Waena Expo as a place or forum for artists in Papua to work on Papuan art and culture.

Papuan artists also ask for government support to support the Indonesian Cultural Arts Institute in Papua as an arts and cultural education institution in Papua.

The activity ended with a Declaration of Understanding signed by 10 studios and 9 communities. Also present at the event were the Governor’s Expert Staff for Community and Cultural Development of the Papua Province, Paskalis Netep and the Chair of the Papua PON PB as well as the Deputy Chair of the Papuan DPR, Yunus Wonda.

Source: Kawattimur

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