District Chief in Yakuhimo and Nephew Arrested for Links to KKB

The police arrested the Wusama District Chief with the initials EB, in Dekai District, Yahukimo District, for being involved in the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) network.

EB is alleged to have invited Tenius Gwijangge to join the KKB in Yakuhimo. In addition to inviting, EB is also suspected of preparing all the needs of the KKB at Dekai.

“So all the needs of the KKB in Dekai are prepared by the EB,” said Director of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Papua Police, Kombes Faisal Ramadhani in Jayapura, Monday (30/8/2021).

In addition, EB’s nephew with the initials Y was also arrested for the same involvement. Y is suspected of preparing logistics for KKB.

Apart from EB and Y, the police also arrested two other people, namely YH and EH.

YH is strongly suspected of being involved in the murder of four construction workers in Bingky Village, Seradala District, June 29, 2021. Meanwhile, EH is the driver of the vehicle transporting KKB.

“We are still investigating this case and confirming the perpetrators of the killings in Yahukimo in the last few months,” said Faisal. Actually there were four other people who were also arrested. “We have secured a total of 8 people from the house.

However, after investigating, we detained 4 people and were named suspects of premeditated murder, the rest we released,” he said.

It was previously reported that in the last two weeks, KKB has often carried out disturbing actions in the Dekai District area.

As a result of the KKB action, during August 2021, three people died and several houses were burned.

The Nemangkawi Task Force stated that the perpetrators were KKB actored by Tenius Gwijangge, the Soll Senate, and Temianus Magayang.

Source: Kompas

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