Mahfud MD Meets Vice President to Discuss the Acceleration of Papuan Development

Vice President Ma’ruf Amin received a visit from Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud MD, Wednesday (9/6). The meeting between the two was held to discuss and report on preparations for accelerating community welfare development in Papua and West Papua.

During the meeting, the spokesman for the Vice President, Masduki Baidlowi said it was agreed that a follow-up meeting would be held related to the realization of the State Budget (APBN).

The APBN discussion is needed to discuss a number of strategic plans related to the welfare development process in Papua.

“It was agreed that there would soon be a follow-up meeting related to how the APBN to build the welfare of Papua [and West Papua] was immediately realized. So, Bappenas and the Ministry of Finance will be immediately summoned by the Vice President for that purpose,” said Masduki in a written statement, Thursday (10/6).

It is known, according to Presidential Decree (Kepres) No. 20 of 2020 concerning the Integrated Coordination Team for the Acceleration of Welfare Development in Papua Province and West Papua Province, President Joko Widodo appointed Vice President Ma’ruf Amin as Chairman of the Steering Committee which oversees the members.

The presidential decree states that the Steering Committee is tasked with coordinating the implementation of policies to accelerate welfare development in Papua and West Papua to create an advanced, prosperous, peaceful, and dignified society.

Mahfud MD, who incidentally is a member of the Steering Committee, was asked by Ma’ruf to immediately prepare a quick plan related to the realization of APBN funds which the government will later prepare for Papua.

If it has been completed, later all the results of the meeting and discussion will be brought to a limited meeting forum with President Jokowi.

“So that programs that are quick win in nature can run immediately and can immediately benefit the welfare of Papua [and West Papua],” said Masduki.

“If that has been done, then the next stage, God willing, there will be a limited meeting that will be reported to the President,” he continued.

Ma’ruf, as Chair of the Supervisory Board, confirmed that Masduki had given full attention to developments in Papua. According to Masduki, the fulfillment of welfare in the two provinces, Papua and West Papua, is the Vice President’s full concern so that it can be realized immediately.

Working visits to Papua and West Papua, he said, have also been scheduled for Ma’ruf to directly observe the extent to which the development process is progressing there.

“Because the most important thing is how the people of Papua [and West Papua] can immediately prosper,” said Masduki.

“After everything is finished, then the Vice President, God willing, will make a visit to Papua [and West Papua],” he concluded.

In addition to Mahfud MD, the Papua and West Papua Development Steering Committee also consists of the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture, Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Minister of Finance, Minister of Home Affairs, and the Presidential Chief of Staff.

In addition, there is also the Daily Chair who is also a member, namely the Minister of National Development Planning/Head of the National Development Planning Agency.

Source: Kumparan

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