ULMWP Ambassador Silenced by the UN for West Papua’s independence

A man who claims to be the ambassador of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) was blocked while addressing the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) in New York. His actions were silenced when he tried to voice independence for West Papua.

The man is John Anari. He is the leader of the West Papua Liberation Organization (WPLO) and claims to be the ambassador of the ULMWP.

Two years ago, similar actions at the same forum were also blocked.

For six years, John Anari has appealed to the forum to encourage the West Papua region to be placed on the UN Trustee Council.

He was speaking for two groups merged as the West Papua Indigenous Organization (WPIO) when he tried to give his speech at the forum last Thursday.

“I believe West Papua has been a UN Guardianship Territory since 1962 when the General Assembly gave authority to [the UN] and the Indonesian government over West Papua,” he said in his brief declaration.

“I believe there is a moral and legal obligation for authorization news, General Assembly resolution 1752 (XVII), to be placed on the agenda of the UN Trustee Council so that the Council can then ask the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for its advisory opinion on the proper status of West Papua in relation to The UN Charter, “he explained.

“To restore UN awareness of the sovereignty and human rights of our people, for six years I have asked the Permanent Forum [UNPFII] to advise the Economic and Social Council that they can and must put the missing agenda on the agenda of the Trusteeship Council,” he added.

“This forum not only failed to convey our request, two years ago the moderators tried to stop our repeated requests. This year I also submitted a petition to the [UN] Secretary General to include news of the UN’s conquest of West Papua in the agenda of the Trusteeship Council, “he continued.

“If this forum will not convey our request, I ask you to explain to the international news media why this forum has not informed the Economic and Social Council of the 1752 General Assembly resolution in which West Papua is still suffering from foreign administration and looting,” he said.

The petition was submitted to the UN Secretary General António Guterres.

One commentator on West Papua affairs, Andrew Johnson, wrote: “Silenced again !!! John was allowed to introduce himself and secondly he started saying what the UN didn’t want to hear, his bait was silenced!”

“No doubt UNPFII will claim it is a lucky gremlin, but John’s video feed is active and functioning and only stands idle as he calls attention to UN responsibility itself for the ongoing oppression, death and looting in West Papua for the past 59 years. this !, “he continued as quoted by The Daily Blog, Monday (26/4/2021)

After John Anari’s speech was silenced again, a small group of Papuan protesters staged a demonstration carrying Morning Star attributes outside the UN headquarters in New York.

Source: Wartaekonomi

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