Papua Original Band Invites to Preserve Culture through Amabusurya Song

Papua Original Band is back to work with the song Amabusurya which is a creation by Yohan Nova Sineri Musik and an arrangement by Etho.

So far, the Papua Original Band has traveled to various events both at home and abroad, with various themes from traditional to modern, national to international.

“We still maintain the name culture, and will always be seen in Papua Original music,” said Etho, who is also a bass player and music director of the Papua Original Band.

Even in a pandemic situation where all activities are limited, the Papua Original Band is still grateful to be able to survive with their musicality.

“But it is because of God’s intervention that we are still struggling to keep working, and because of God’s grace, we have survived until now,” explained Etho.

Papua Original Band consists of VIEN MANGKU, DOMMIN FENETIRUMA, ACHEL UDUAS, and MAMBRI AWOM on vocals; Then there’s ETHO on bass and music director, YEHESKIEL on drums, YANCE DEDA on saxophone, ZARTEUS OSO on keyboard, and NIEL on guitar.

“We stick together to make folk music or songs the main choice and make something different,” explained Etho.

Now, Papua Original Band is releasing its newest single again after the single entitled “Status” at the end of 2020. This year the Papua Original Band is back to the roots.

The Papuan-language song, more precisely from Waropen Regency entitled Amabusurya, created by Yohan Nova Sineri, will be released by AQUARIUS MUSIKINDO and AQUARIUS PUSTAKA MUSIK on all digital platforms and Youtube channels.

The song AMABUSURYA which means THREE BRANCHES OF RIVER, tells the story of an orphaned child who has no father. When the tide was in the river mouth, the child entered to see his father’s face, but did not find him.

So, the child continued to look for the river: IRISI, BORAE & JUMARO. That’s the meaning of the song AMABUSURYA at a glance.

“The Papua Original Band tries to make this regional song with a music package that we always carry, namely Ethnic Groove. The combination of traditional and modern with the power of rhythm that makes the song more animated,” explained Etho.

“So that it becomes one of the choices for the millennial generation to always love their own culture, protect, preserve and develop it, and give new enthusiasm for them,” he continued.

“Not only young Papuans but all children of the younger generation throughout Indonesia. Because that is where we are. Papua Original always tries to make regional songs have their own value in the eyes of the world and become the choice in the Indonesian music industry,” he concluded.

Source: Liputan6

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