The MRP Women’s Working Group participated in evaluating the Papua Special Autonomy

The Papuan People’s Council Women’s Working Group held a Coordination Meeting in Sentani, Jayapura Regency, to discuss the fulfillment and enforcement of the basic rights of women and children in Papua. The coordination meeting gathered input and hopes from Papuan women for the 20 years of the implementation of Papua Special Autonomy.

The coordination meeting was attended, among others, by the Head of the Jayapura Regency Office of Empowerment, Women and Child Protection (DP3A) and the Head of the Jayapura Regency Health Office. A total of 77 women’s organizations in Jayapura District also attended the meeting.

Deputy Chairman II of the Papuan People’s Assembly (MRP), Debora Mote, said that the coordination meeting was part of the MRP Women’s Working Group (Pokja) activity program in 2021. Mote stated that his party was gathering input and hopes from women for the 20 years of the implementation of Special Autonomy (Otsus). Papua.

“This year there will be an evaluation of Papua’s Special Autonomy for 20 years, specifically [in terms of] empowerment and taking sides [towards] indigenous Papuan women and children. The coordination meeting is very important to absorb the aspirations of the community from the lower levels, “said Mote

The head of DP3A Jayapura Regency, Mariam Soumelena, said that his party has provided assistance and empowerment for mothers and children in all villages spread across 19 districts of Jayapura Regency. According to Soumelena, the assistance was applied directly by the mothers in their respective villages.

“From the Special Autonomy Fund, there is direct assistance to mothers in the village to develop their potential. Whether it is [in the field] education, health, hand skills, to micro-businesses, “he explained.

Secretary of the MRP Women’s Working Group, Orpa Nari, said that the implementation of Papua’s Otsus for 20 years must be evaluated, particularly in relation to local government policies to protect indigenous Papuan women. Nari explained that a similar coordination meeting was also held by the MRP Women’s Working Group in the Tabi Traditional Area.

“From the aspirations conveyed by women in Jayapura Regency through the 77 women’s organizations, we will follow it up as a recommendation to the local government,” she concluded.

Source: Jubi

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