Regarding Special Autonomy and Regional Expansion in Papua, the Mayor of Jayapura: Obey The Government

The Mayor of Jayapura, Benhur Tomi Mano, assessed that the community must obey the state regarding the issue of special autonomy (autonomy) and regional expansion in Papua.

“I am a civil service officer, I want to give enlightenment, I read in the media recently, the trend is happening in my opinion, please just reject the special autonomy or regional expansion, as well as the TNI / Polri from Papua,” Benhur told, Saturday. (27/2/2021).

“But I want to say, we cannot fight against the state. I studied government science at APDN, IIP. The state has state instruments that can be used to force anyone to submit and obey the state,” he said.

Benhur said, the temporary special autonomy draft is being revised in the DPR RI through the special special autonomy for Papua Special Autonomy revision.

“My conversation with the Director General of Otda of the Ministry of Home Affairs, the draft revision of the Special Autonomy is now in the DPR, while the revision is in the DPR RI through the special special autonomy revision of the Papua Special Autonomy,” he said.

He said the Ministry of Home Affairs was preparing two draft government regulations (RPPs) as a translation of the revised special autonomy.

First, the RPP regarding regional expansion, in the safe place the government can carry out the expansion without going through special autonomy conditions or regional government laws.

Second, the RPP regarding the mechanism, governance of the special autonomy fund, usage to accountability, even to technical matters.

Source: Tribun

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