The Papua Provincial Government is Ready to Send 120 Tons of Rice to the Refugees of Intan Jaya Residents

The Papua Provincial Government (Pemprov) has prepared 120 tons of rice to help the people of Intan Jaya who are currently displaced. The assistance will be concentrated in Nabire Regency, then distributed to refugees.

“We have also coordinated with the Ministry of Social Affairs and have prepared 120 tons of rice and will be symbolically handed over by the deputy governor in Nabire,” said the Head of the Papua Province Social Service Ribka Haluk in Jayapura, Wednesday (24/2/2021).

According to him, there is already a team from the Papua Province Social Service in Mimika and Nabire Regencies. Based on information received by the Papua Province Social Service, there are a number of refugees from Intan Jaya in the two districts.

“We formed two teams, I went straight to Mimika and there was one head of division to Nabire and that was working directly with the Head of the Social Service of Nabire, Mimika and, Intan Jaya, so we have coordinated,” said Ribka.

Distribution of aid began while the team collected data on the number of refugees.

“Because people lack food, starting today, the team will start distributing (aid) in Nabire,” he said.

Previously, Deputy Regent of Intan Jaya Yan Kobogoyau said that some of its residents had chosen to flee to Nabire and Mimika Regencies.

Apart from the 600 residents who are currently displaced at the Santo Mikael Bilogai Catholic Church Rectory Complex, Sugapa District, Yan admitted that he does not have data on the number of other refugees.

“We are not sure (the data), but the church has reported those in Nabire, if the 600 refugees were in Sugapa,” he said.

Source: Kompas

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