Harmony of East Java Papuans Supports the Implementation of Special Autonomy Part Two

The Papuan people who are members of the East Java Papuan Gathering made a statement by supporting the second volume of Special Autonomy (OTSUS).

Previously, OTSUS volume one had been carried out, and the Papuan people had felt its development and the attention it received from the government. However, the Papuan people smell nepotism in its implementation, therefore they hope that in the implementation of OTSUS Volume 2, there will be no negative smells anymore, and the Papuan people can feel the development of their region to the fullest.

This support is conveyed through a statement of attitude made by the Papuan people who are members of the East Java Papuan Harmony, which includes five points in between.

1. Supporting the implementation of Special Autonomy for Papua Volume II in the context of accelerating the development and welfare of the people in Papua and West Papua

2. Otsus Papua Volume II is a government program that must be supported in order to improve education, health, economy and infrastructure development, so that Papua becomes a developed province and is equal to other regions in Indonesia.

3. Provincial, Regency and City Governments throughout Papua to be professional and transparent in managing the use of Special Autonomy Funds for Papua Volume II and not KKN in determining the target recipients of Special Autonomy Volume II, especially education for Papuan and West Papuan children as well as overseas Papuan children .

4. Encourage the government to immediately audit the Special Autonomy Program for Papua Volume I, so that the Papuan people can know whether the use of the funds is right on target or not, because the Special Autonomy program volume I is only felt by certain people.

5. Urge the central government to form an independent institution to assist and supervise the Papua Special Autonomy Program Volume II so that its distribution is precisely on target.

Robert. Y. Korwa, as the Papuan elder said, OTSUS must be supported because this is a government program that must be implemented, even though he thinks the Papuan people have never experienced it directly.

“In my opinion, OTSUS is a government program that must be supported, so that it can help our people who are in Papua and West Papua, including us who are overseas. Because so far we have never experienced OTSUS directly when compared to Papua, “he said.

Meanwhile, Freek Christian, who is also the elder of the Biak community, Papua, also conveyed the same thing. He admitted that OTSUS is very helpful for the people of Papua, and it is hoped that this OTSUS can be felt by Papuans from remote areas in Papua.

“OTSUS is very important and very helpful for the people in Papua, where everyone feels everything from OTSUS, maybe the implementation that we hope can be accepted by the small community, in remote areas of Papua, so they can enjoy this OTSUS. “He explained.

Furthermore, Christian asked the government to monitor the implementation of OTSUS properly, so that the Papuan people could feel it all, “that we are part of the Papuan and West Papuan families who are worthy and deserve to share this autonomy, “He added.

Bram Asmuruf, added that OTSUS has many benefits for the Papuan people, when compared to Papua in the past and Papua now, the comparison is very far, but for implementation it must be more evaluated, so that its implementation can be maximized.

“OTSUS has many benefits, but unfortunately many have not reached the target, and the implementation of this second volume can be more evaluated, so that it can be good, useful, and achieve goals,” he explained.

Source: Beritajatim

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