Conflict in the Land of Papua, ‘Barisan Merah Putih’ Give Support to the Government

Responding to the various problems that have occurred in Papua, especially regarding special autonomy (Otsus), and the pros and cons of the expansion of several New Autonomous Regions (DOB) in Papua, a component of the Indonesian Red and White Front in Papua, has taken a firm stance in supporting the government.

Barisan Merah Putih is a community component which includes traditional leaders, community leaders, youth leaders and several other figures from several customary areas in Papua, who are loyal to guard the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia in Cenderawasih Earth.

On Friday (19/2/2021) afternoon, at the border of Jayapura City, Papua, this component of the Barisan Merah Putih held a meeting to address the problems that occurred. Seven points were agreed upon, and became the official stance statement by Barisan Merah Putih to the government.

First, We Sons and Daughters of the Red and White Components of the Republic of Indonesia in Papua are committed to safeguarding the sovereignty of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia together with the TNI and Polri from Sabang to Merauke.

Second, We Sons and Daughters of the Red and White Components of the Republic of Indonesia in Papua, continue to provide support for every Government Decree where discussions on the Revision of Law no. 21/2001 and still maintain the basic rights of the Papuan people as mandated by the law.

Third, We Sons and Daughters of the Republic of Indonesia Kompenen Merah Putih in Papua, ask President Joko Widodo to form an independent Special Autonomy Fund Management Institution separate from the APBD.

Fourth, We Sons and Daughters of the Red and White Components of the Republic of Indonesia in Papua fully support the policy of the central government, which has received the aspirations of the people from various regions for a provincial expansion policy and can also accommodate the expansion of districts / cities in accordance with the proposed expansion documents has been there.

Fifth, We, the sons and daughters of the Red and White component of the Republic of Indonesia in Papua, call on all Papuan people everywhere, not to be provoked by news that comes from individuals or parties who want to divide the unity and integrity of the nation’s children, and request the National Police of the Republic of Indonesia to act decisively in enforcing the law in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations.

Sixth, We Sons and Daughters of the Republic of Indonesia in Papua fully support the TNI and Polri to pursue and arrest the Armed Separatist Criminal Group or KKSB which has resulted in civilian casualties and the Indonesian National Police.

Seventh, We sons and daughters of the Red and White component of the Republic of Indonesia in Papua support law enforcement officials to take firm action against officials or whoever perpetrators or anyone who misuses Otsus funds which results in state losses which impact on instability in the Papua region.

“This statement of attitude is proof of our full support and the Papuan people for the government for the various steps taken,” said Yonas Nusi who read the statement.

Yanto Eluay explained that regardless of the pros and cons of expansion, actually the expansion of Papua land was based on the government’s goal of agreeing with the aspirations of the people with the existence of a new autonomous region.

“This is for the welfare of the Papuan people, and also for the peace of the Papuan people. For the benefit of the community and for no other purpose. The essence of this division is to bring government services closer to the community,” he said.

He also asked every figure in Papua not to convey their opinion or personal attitude as if it were the attitude of all Papuan people. “We really appreciate the central government with this matter. To all figures I want to convey not to generalize that your statement is the statement of all the Papuan people,” he said.

He also asked the central government to no longer ignore the leaders of the customary law community. According to him, the leaders of the indigenous Papuan people have binding rights. “We both have the responsibility to maintain the peace of our indigenous territories,” he said.

Jack Puraro emphasized that the seven points were the voice of the Papuan people who wanted peace on the land of Papua. “We strongly support this statement, because this statement is for all Papuans who want to live in peace,” he said.

He emphasized, the state must be firm against the disturbing groups who continue to carry out acts of terror against the community. “They must be dealt with firmly, don’t let these groups destroy the peace in Papua,” he said.

Jan Christian Arebo on that occasion asked those who play politics outside Papua, who want to destroy the future of Papua, not to do that anymore. Papua must be safe and peaceful, do not continue to provoke the impact of backfire in Papua. “I said stop political maneuvers outside Papua, to destroy the peace of Papua,” he said.

He also highlighted parties who questioned new autonomous regions in several regions in Papua. “There is no need for political maneuvers about the new autonomous region anymore, because all the regions that will be expanded already have a team, there is already a Panja or Pansus, so there is no need to question it again,” he said.

Meanwhile, Yonas Nusi said that a separate Papua Autonomy Fund Management Independent Institution from the APBD needed to be done, so that the Otsus funds could go to the people. “This is important because it will oversee structured funds from the Palace to the villages,” he said again.

In addition, Max Abner Ohee added that he asked those who take advantage of Papuan issues for their interests to stop. “TNI and Polri have their data, and enforce the law so that they stop,” he said.

The same thing was conveyed by Nico Mauri, he invited all components in Papua to support the government in developing Papua. “What we have done is in accordance with our law. That every citizen of the country has the right and obligation to defend the state, so this is what we do. We really appreciate what the government has done to Papua, because what we feel and the current government policy is the aspirations of the people, “he concluded.

Source: Sindonews

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