Papua’s Special Autonomy Fund ends in 2021, the government is asked to do an evaluation and revision

The Special Autonomy Fund (Otsus) for Papua and West Papua will end in 2021. Unfortunately, the implementation of Otsus in Papua, which has been going on for 20 years, is considered to have not been optimal.

Former Secretary General of the Cendrawasih Student Association Jhon Rumbino said that the Papua Special Autonomy which has been running for almost 20 years needs to be adjusted.

Because, said Jhon, the contextual formulation of the Papua Special Autonomy Law 20 years ago was different from the current condition. For example, with the expansion of West Papua.

“There needs to be a revision of the Special Autonomy Law. In the future there is also a need for close synchronization between the Central Government and Regional Governments,” he said in a talkshow entitled Reviewing the Special Autonomy Policy in Papua, Tuesday (16/2).

Jhon assessed that in order to answer the question whether so far the provision of Papua Special Autonomy funds can be said to be effective or not, of course an overall evaluation must be conducted. If a thorough and in-depth evaluation has never been carried out, it is difficult to judge whether the special autonomy fund can be said to be effective or not.

Jhon emphasized that Otsus Papua should have the spirit to open up space for the people in Papua to convey their aspirations. Then, get the right they deserve as in other regions.

However, said Jhon, so far it is still far from expectations. For example, the education sector in Tanah Papua is not yet at its maximum level.

According to him, if the central government wants a significant change, it can be started from attention to good teaching resources.

“In the future, Otsus needs to pay attention to better education. School facilities also need more attention,” he said.

In addition, continued Jhon, Otsus could still be continued as long as it was under tight control by prioritizing budget transparency and the implementation of every article in the law was carried out properly.

“With good control, it reduces the horizontal problems that arise. The Papuan people should not become mere objects, but become subjects,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, the Founder of the NGO Foundation, Baharudin Farawowan, explained that over the past 20 years the number of students with different schools availability. There is an increase up to 100 percent.

“The Special Autonomy Law is enthusiastically good, and has also produced good results. However, that does not mean to continue the Otsus policy in Papua without criticism. The central government must pay attention to things that are different from before,” he said.

On the social aspect, said Baharudin, the attention of the central government must reach the Papuan people. Providing space for aspirations to the people of Papua, without giving unilateral stigma.

“It’s no longer easy to be considered a separatist,” he said.

Lecturer in Political Science at the Christian University of Indonesia (UKI) Alvitus Minggu emphasized that Otsus needs to be revised. Then, the revision process must involve traditional leaders in the Land of Papua itself.

“Negara harus betul-betul mengakomodir kebutuhan rakyat Papua,” jelasnya.

Senada, DPR secara resmi telah menetapkan keanggotaan Panitia Khusus (Pansus) RUU tentang Perubahan Kedua atas Undang-Undang Nomor 21 Tahun 2001 tentang Otonomi Khusus (Otsus) Provinsi Papua. Sebanyak 30 anggota dari sembilan fraksi di parlemen masuk ke dalam keanggotaan pansus otsus papua tersebut

RUU Otsus Papua diagendakan karena habisnya masa Otsus Papua jilid 1 di tahun ini. Alokasi Otsus cukup besar. Pada 2019, dana Otsus untuk Provinsi Papua dan Papua Barat mencapai Rp63,1 triliun.

Pemerintah menyatakan akan meneruskan Otsus jilid 2. Revisi beleid Otsus Papua merupakan usulan dari pemerintahan Jokowi tahun lalu.

Source: Merdeka

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