Get to know Air Major Corinus Krey, a figure of the Papuan Liberation Fighters and the originator of the name Irian

Not many people know the name Air Major Corinus Marselus Koreri Krey. His figure and track record seemed forgotten. In fact, Corinus Krey is one of the Papuan fighters who made a big contribution to Indonesia. The revelation of Corinus Krey’s major role in the struggle in Papua started with the visit of Silas Papare Air Base Marsma TNI Budhi Achmadi to the home of the National Hero from Papua, Marthen Indey. During the meeting, Budhi Achmadi met Mrs. Aca, one of the grandchildren who was in charge of caring for Marthen Indey until the end of his life.

During the conversation, Aca conveyed Marthen Indey’s mandate. The name and traces of Corinus Krey, who was Marthen Indey’s partner in the struggle, were mentioned. “Corinus Krey’s service to the Indonesian and Papuan people is enormous. Whatever the form of the state’s appreciation to me, Corinus Krey deserves it too. We ask that Corinus can be taken care of as a hero like our father and the commander can meet Mrs. Corinus because she is still there,” said Aca, in an official statement from the Indonesian Air Force, Sunday (14/2/2021).

Based on this information, Budhi Achmadi moved quickly. This 1994 graduate of the Air Force Academy immediately visited and finally had a dialogue with the Corinus Krey family. It was from this conversation that complete information was revealed about the struggle of this “forgotten” figure.

Corinus Krey joined the Indonesian Air Force as Honorary Major from 1967-1975. To note, the rank of Air Force Major that he carried at that time had become the highest military rank for native Papuans, along with other warrior figures who received honorary ranks, namely Marthen Indey and Abraham Dimara as Army Major.

This military rank was given to native Papuan figures who had great contributions to fight for Papuan liberation from Dutch colonialism. The story of Corinus’ struggle begins with the youth movement pioneered by the Principal of Beestur School (Pamong Praja) Jayapura, Soegoro Atmoprasodjo, which involved Frans Kaisiepo (Beestur school student) and Corinus Krey (Soegoro’s adjutant). Soegoro is one of the drivers of nationalism in Papua.

On April 1, 1945 Soegoro sparked the idea to change the name Papua, which comes from the word “Papa Hua”. This designation is often used by the Tidore Kingdom and means No Father. This happened because the Tidore Kingdom considered the history of Papua to have no known origins so it was called that. To uplift the dignity of Papua, Papuan youths thought of looking for another name that also comes from Papuan history (Hikayat Koreri). Corinus Krey and Frans Kaisiepo’s discussion in Jayapura on May 1, 1945 finally gave birth to the name “IRIAN” in place of the word Papua. Corinus Krey repeatedly told his children and grandchildren, which interpreted IRIAN as “Join the Republic of Indonesia Anti-Netherland”. At that time, Dutch officials wanted to silence the Indonesian nationalism movement in Papua. Frans Kaisiepo and Corinus Krey took the word IRIAN from the Biak language which means hot.

Why is that? This is because the land of Papua is where the sun rises. Name promotion was carried out to tribal leaders and entrusted to Frans Kaisiepo, who represented Papuan youths at the Malino Conference on 18 July 1946.

In 1947, Krey joined the Independent Indonesia Committee (KIM) as Second Secretary under the leadership of Dr. Gerungan. This organization was the motor of the political movement against the Dutch. This is where Krey started to fight with Marthen Indey who served as Commissioner 1 KIM. When the Dutch sniffed KIM, Gerungan was sent back to Ambon and KIM was finally moved by Marthen Indey and Corinus Krey. Throughout his life, Corinus Krey felt the cruelty of Dutch prisons in Papua, namely the Jayapura City prison (1-7 December 1945), the Jayapura Abepura prison (7 March 1947 to 7 August 1947), the Biak prison (7 December 1949 to 7 June 1950). ), and the longest was seven years in Digul prison (7 June 1950 to 7 August 1957).

To his son Max Krey, Corinus once told that the Dutch had planted the stomach down in a puddle and plastered it with cement until it hardened, leaving the stomach down turning blue for a long time. The document testimony that Corinus Krey was imprisoned four times was signed by Marthen Indey because he also happened to be “a colleague in the same prison”. “A little bit about the story of the late Air Force Major Corinus Krey was obtained from documents left by the late, as well as a dialogue with Ms. Martina Krey and her sons,” said Marsma TNI Budhi Achmadi, Sunday (14/2/2021).

What is interesting, said Budhi, is that some documents and testimony were initiated directly by his comrade in arms, Marthen Indey. It seems that Marthen Indey, who is far more senior than Krey, had anticipated that when he passed away, there would be fewer who would be able to witness the heroism of his friend. Apart from having served at the Jayapura Air Force base as an Air Force officer, he was a member of the 1964-1968 MPRS and a veteran of the Republic of Indonesia star.

“Thank you sir, the Indonesian nation owes you a great debt, Corinus Marselus Koreri Krey,” said Budhi Achmadi.

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