These are strategic issues that will be discussed by the Papua Special Autonomy Special Committee

A member of the Special Committee (Pansus) for the Bill on the Second Amendment to Law Number 21 of 2001 regarding Special Autonomy (Otsus) for Papua Province, Yan Permenas Mandenas, said there are a number of strategic issues to be discussed related to Papua. Among other things, evaluation of the implementation of Otsus.

Both in terms of authority, budget, and development achievements for approximately 20 years. “There the DPR and the government will find the best solution in revising the special autonomy so that it accommodates the wishes and interests of the Papuan people in the context of fulfilling welfare and the ideal welfare targets desired by the central government,” said Yan to, Thursday (11/2).

He hopes that there will be a change in format in the implementation of Papua’s special autonomy. The politician from the Gerindra Party asked the central government to periodically supervise or provide assistance to provincial, regency and city governments in Papua.

“So that the national goals in order to accelerate development and prosperity in Papua can be achieved properly,” he said.

Besides that, evaluation of the budget is also a strategic discussion. He urged the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), the Attorney General’s Office, and the police to act firmly and indiscriminately in taking action against legal cases in Papua that have direct contact with the implementation of special autonomy. Especially in the context of absorption and use of the budget which according to the public there are indications of suspected corruption

“So that later there will be a deterrent effect for regional heads who manage the Papua Special Autonomy Fund in the future,” he said.

However, he agreed that the discussion on the revision of the Papua Special Autonomy Law should not be carried out in a hurry. The special committee is deemed necessary to hear input from various parties, from the Papuan regional government to the Papuan people. Yan emphasized that the Papuan people do not need to worry about the planned revision of the Special Autonomy Law.

“We will also ask for input through the Special Autonomy Special Committee so that the voices from Papua can be heard by the special committee in order to support the amendments to the Special Autonomy Law concerning the aspirations of the Papuan people,” said the member of Commission I DPR.

Source: Republika

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