Traditional Toys for Dani Children in Wamena, Papua

Gadgets and online games are still luxury items for the children of the Dani Tribe in the Baliem Valley, Wamena, Jayawijaya Regency.

Until now, Dani children still like to play traditional games typical of the Papuan mountains.
Usually after school, boys and their friends will hunt insects, such as crickets, cicadas or grasshoppers. The insects obtained are then burned to eat together.
“Likewise with the daughters of the Dani tribe, after school they usually help their mama in the garden or help them knit noken,” said Hari Suroto, a researcher at the Papua Archeology Center, Tuesday (9/2).

Toys Together

The traditional games played by Dani children are done in groups, in the schoolyard or village field. This type of game is a competition of throwing sege (a kind of spear) and archery.
“For those who are able to throw the furthest away, they will win. Likewise for those who are able to shoot on target at the objects that have been provided, of course he will be the winner,” said Hari.

Another game is puradan, which is throwing a wood or spear at a target in the form of a rattan circle thrown on the ground and moving fast. Those who hit this goal rightly have the right to become champions.
“There is also a traditional wind instrument game called pikon which is made of bamboo blades. Pikon is similar to the harmonica. To play this instrument, it requires great skill to blow and vibrate the pikon,” said Hari.
These traditional games are often seen at the Baliem Valley Cultural Festival which is usually held in August each year.
However, in the Baliem Valley Cultural Festival, this traditional game is played by adults and of course with prizes from the committee.
“Most of the Dani tribe children living in Wamena City rarely hunt insects or play traditional games, but they prefer to play football or volleyball,” Hari added.

Source: Kumparan

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