Otsus Volume II, These Are the Attitudes of Papuan and West Papuan Leaders with Papua Diaspora

Speaking about Special Autonomy Law on the Special Autonomy Law, community leaders together with the Papuan Diaspora community held a deliberation, which ultimately resulted in seven points which became a statement of attitude regarding the land of Papua and West Papua.

The meeting of various elements that are under the Papua-West Papua Bamus and including volume II, raised the theme ‘Supporting the Implementation of the Special Autonomy Law Volume II in Papua and West Papua by Improving the Special Autonomy Implementation System in the Land of Papua’.

The head of the Papua-West Papua Bamus, Willem Frans Ansanay, in a recent activity, read out seven statements of attitude, the first of which is “We, the people of Papua and West Papua strongly condemn the racist behavior that has happened to the brother of Natalius Pigai and support the Police to handle it according to the law. which applies and asks all Papuan and West Papuan people not to be provoked by movements of radicalism, separatism, which ride on racist issues addressed to Natalius Pigai’s brothers with the aim of disintegrating the Republic of Indonesia and the Land of Papua. ”

Furthermore, the second, the Papuan and West Papuan people support the implementation of the OTSUS Law throughout Papua and strongly reject the invitation of a small group of people on behalf of the Papuan people who make actions to reject the OTSUS Law with issues of disintegration of the Indonesian nation in Papua Land and support the government enforcing strict law enforcement for the Armed Criminal Group which disturbs development in the Land of Papua.

“Third, we, the people of Papua and West Papua, support the government to carry out Provincial Expansion in Papua and West Papua Provinces and urge the Government and the Indonesian Parliament to carry out division based on the five major tribes in Papua Province and two major tribes in West Papua Province with the proposal: Provincial Candidates The Central Mountains are for the Lapago tribe, the Candidate for North Papua Province for the Tabi / Saireri tribe, the Central Papua Province candidate for the Meepago tribe, the South Papua Province candidate for the Animha tribe and the Southwest Papua Province Candidate for the Bomberai tribe, “he said.

He continued, “Fourth, We Papuans and West Papuans are very grateful to the government for preparing the allocation of OTSUS funds volume II and increasing it from 2% to 2.25% with the hope that in the future the government must carry out inherent supervision in its implementation in this second period. Do not repeat the failure of special development for the indigenous people of Papua who are still marginalized as in the first period of giving the OTSUS Fund. ”

Source : Akurat

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