National soldier is giving mask to West Papua's society

Army personnel in West Papua’s Sorong launch mask-wearing campaign.

Amid the government’s intensified COVID-19 vaccination program, the 181/PVT resort military command and 1802/Sorong district military command launched an eight-day mask-wearing campaign in Sorong city, West Papua.

The army personnel helped the residents to wear the donated face masks to remind them of the importance of consistently practicing the government’s health protocols amid a spike in new confirmed COVID-19 cases in West Papua Province.

The government’s data revealed that as of February 1, 2021, West Papua’s COVID-19 infection rate was recorded at 6,731, while its recovery and death rates stood at 6,047 and 111 respectively.

Colonel Djoko Sujarwo, head of the 181/PVT Sorong Resort Military Command’s territorial unit, stated that this mask-wearing campaign was conducted as a follow up to President Joko Widodo’s order to the military and police chief to join a public awareness campaign on 3M health protocols.

The mask-wearing campaign that began on January 31 and would continue until February 8 is aimed at encouraging the Sorong City residents to continue to wear face masks while venturing outdoors to halt the potential spread of the coronavirus infection.

“We are optimistic that the Sorong City residents would stay disciplined in practicing the health protocols by wearing face masks, washing hands, and maintaining physical distancing measures, and avoiding crowds,” he emphasized.

In order to follow up on President Joko Widodo’s order to both the military commander and national police chief, the Papua police headquarters in Jayapura, Papua Province, also conducted the mask-wearing campaign on January 29, 2021.

Head of the Papua Police Headquarters’ Protocol Bureau Sen. Coms. Jeremias Rontini distributed face masks to Jayapura residents venturing outdoors on that day to bring to their collective consciousness the ongoing risks of COVID-19 there.

During the mask-wearing campaign held at the Jayapura Mall’s area, Rontini was accompanied by his colleague, Sen. Coms. Iqbal Al-Qudusy, and two ambassadors of the Papua Police Public Relations Division, Wisnu and Andi Ernawati.

Rontini urged the city’s residents that he came across during the campaign to continue to practice the 3M+1 T health protocols while venturing outdoors.

By consistently wearing a face mask, washing hands, maintaining the recommended physical distancing measures, and avoiding crowds that fall under the 3M+1 T measures, the potential spread of COVID-19 infections can be prevented, he emphasized.


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